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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



I’ve been taking part in this whilst simultaneously taking part in my virtual choir


I thought that said ‘leaning’… :see_no_evil:


we can open it up to any PN, Chardonnay or Aligote in the Burgundian style… grudgingly


That thought crossed my mind too! It will probably knock socks off many too…


did the Community change much since you left?


only in good ways - so many new voices!!! :slight_smile:


Beronia Reserva 2014

I agree with your comments totally - 90% oak-based vanilla and really not much else with a slightly thin after-taste. It will be interesting to see if it has improved tomorrow - the vanilla is fading already.


yes I think it does help the wine last from Sunday to Thursday-we don’t drink mon-wed-especially if you also keep it in the fridge.

btw my autobiography if ever written would be called “dreaming of Thursdays”!


How about a St. Bris?? to really annoy you?? :sweat_smile:


categorically NO


Oh you mean the really active Steve Finlan thread today ?

But it is a Burgundy… :wink::wink:


By the way, I’ve had this song going through my head ever since this post…! It’s fine, it’s a cracking tune.

I mean, they were so creative at this point that it’s like he just wrote a song and accidentally invented power pop.


A bit late posting my notes. 1970 Monte Real GR. Firstly the Cork did not crumble and the wine was holding up well. At it’s peak 2-3 hours after opening. Nose of old libraries and dried roses. Colour was almost translucent. Amazing that this is 50 years old. Light on the palate. Wild strawberry. Glides over the tongue. Linear with a refreshing finish. Probably better 10-15 years ago but still holding up. Liquid history from a very different Spain.


@laura great work tonight in organising this, a lot of fun, thanks!


I had ‘gentlemans’ club’ down for the 1994 Murrieta…I think we are in roughly the same place…


Soz! #earworm


I certainly am now after 3/4 of a bottle and a warm up beer.


Now THAT is funny!!:+1::wink:
After all, it is your wine and chocolate, so you can do as you will!


that’s my opinion on it, leave for a few more years. I’ve asked similar to @PierreM who @laura said would come back and answer questions :slight_smile:


2001 Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva I would give 8/10 ,with plenty of room to develop further