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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



Haha, fair enough @szaki1974! :smiley: Maybe we should go Burgundy first, and fizz the week after - hopefully by then we’ll have some good news to celebrate! :smiley: #endoflockdown? :pray:


Robert_mcintosh you’re the first to say cheers tonight, bless you my son! Cheers :wine_glass:


The Society’s Rioja Crianza 2016.

It’s 7/10 but wicked value.


I will accept the decision made by the crowd.



Key word there is generally I think Mike! :rofl::rofl:


I’m so glad.

It really has been an amazing night - I’m bowled over by the response! I’ll announce details of next week’s event tomorrow - I hope you can all join us next Thursday! :smiley:


What do you do to try and get rid of the vinegar smells? Do you think they affect the wine very much?


I have an unopened half case. Sounds like I no rush?


The Society’s Rioja Crianza 2016. Another good 7/10


wash it properly… :wink:

Seriously I do get what @Mike refers to… I do rinse it before use.


Thanks @laura - a great night amidst a challenging week.


We agree with your point and @VinoVeritas, we have plenty of time so we can space it out! Burgundy next week and fizz the week after!


Thanks. I’ll keep trying to keep wine for a week. Might get there some day…Very handsome copper, good conversation piece.


Sir! You do me an injustice, sir! I go over the one glass maybe a couple of times in a month. I have always been a slow drinker.

(But I’ve got through two generous glasses tonight - and, you know what, I could easily have another… but I won’t).


I did a fair amount of home brewing a few years back so I generally fill up the belfast sink take apart the eto dunk it in and throw a lot of the brewers cleaning powder in. That gets rid of the vast majority of the smell.

To be fair even when a bit smelly I haven’t noticed it once the wine is poured. It just annoys me. My decanters don’t get the same thing but then they don’t have all the same moving parts.


Thanks so much everyone, this has been a really brilliant evening! So nice to chat about fun stuff and everyone be so positive! Makes a much needed change to the recent norm! Cheers all, you all rock!


Thanks everyone, great company, great tasting, some very great wines out there.

My Beronia Reserva 2014 gets a 6 from me. Could comfortably do a few more years, improving all the while, just not my favourite style

edited to add vintage


Had/have similar. Find that allowing top section to dry on its side seems to work. But Mrs KW keeps standing it up !


My son said never to wash with soap so I haven’t. Haven’t noticed a vinegar smell or taste. I leave to dry for 1-2 days before putting back togethe.r


Well done Freddy and all the WS staff