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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



Ayup, the Riscal 94 is a firm 7/10 too. Not blown away, but got lots of tips for Rioja’s now though, we should do this more often :joy::joy::joy:


That would be more decadent than Brideshead…


I am sorry @Laura, but we said Burgundy first…


If only we had a Cremant de Bourgogne in the house :thinking:


2007 LRA GR 907 - a solid 8/10 for today, but still developing and hope to wait 10 years for my second (and final) bottle. Tobacco now becoming apparent, softer fruit, but still a bit unbalanced by high acidity (for now).

Thanks everyone, what a fun hour!


Has she drank it??:joy:


:musical_score: But then again, too few to mention …


Hang on - we might have more than 8 weeks of this, so we need to take it steady!! Great idea though and something to be looked forward to.


Got two one silver one copper, i am in a constant battle against the residual vinegar smells. I am a big fan at the same time, hence the constant battle


Cedric Bouchard vs Dermot Sugrue?


First tasting - great views. Cheers - speak again on Burgundy night!!!


Just call me Aloysius


I have two etos. I generally only drink one glass a night so my typical bottle will last 6 days. I’ve tried various things - Vacuum pump useless, inert gas good but a pain, Antiox not bad - and the eto is definitely my favourite. To be honest a cheap plonk will not survive that long in it but it will last longer than anything else I’ve tried, but most reasonable quality wine wines last the week out just fine!


Lovely to join you all again - what an amazing crowd.



Two glasses of rioja and I can’t spell! You are right. It is ETO not ECO. Yes, not worth trying to save 1 glass. Might as well drink it!!?


Arana Reserva 2011
Bit too sweet. A solid 7.


I’m sure that there is a Sebastian on here somewhere too…


Booooo! It is a very fair point though, and fizz should therefore line up after Burgundy


Me too - got one for Christmas, but never been able to test for a week!


Thanks as ever @laura for a great hour of tasting. Really given a lift to the tail end of my self-isolation. I haven’t spoken face to face with anyone for 12 days now…