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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



la rioja alta vina arana reserva 2006 score 8/10
thanks for arranging this it was a very enjoyable time
reference to Morris Minor seats brought back happy memories of my wife’s first car, known as the Holy Cow because the previous owner was a vicar. Lovely red leather seats, propped up by a block of wood so that she could see over the dashboard


Baron de Lay Crianza 2015. Conclusion: too sugar fruity. 6/10


Don’t worry, it does that to all of us @freddy :sweat_smile:


I was not a friend of Rioja before and I am still not one now… I think it is a 5… nothing wrong with the wine, just too much old school Rioja for my taste.

La Rioja Alta Seleccion 874 Reserva Rioja 2013

… but the company has been great and that matters at least as much.


Imperio Valdepenas Gran Reserva 2010
Score 8.5 out of 10 is fair - it’s mature, kind, full of fruit and would be great with lighter foods. We’re not blown away but we bought six bottles - this is the first


A Brad Pit fan ! Pity what happened to Mr Spacey !


Bodegas Hermosilla Crianza 2010. Consensus is 8/10 with a bit of crunchy Red Leicester. Thank you so much to everyone, so much fun tonight!


Exhibition Gran Reserva 2001

I did love it… I’m just not blown away like I am by other reds - I’m going for 8/10


Vina Ardanza Reserva 2010 Seleccion Especial:-

Somebody has opened a can of worms here about this mint aero. I can get the mint/chocolate combo, but my other half is adamant - she’s getting Sarsaparilla!

It’s certainly starting to open up now, much broader on the palate and the acid seems to have woken up. However, I lament that it appears not to have a great deal of apparent oak (I like this aspect of Rioja, particularly as it ages).

Definitely one for the cellar, I think it’ll really start waking up in about 5 years.


I think we may have to do a virtual bubble tasting before the sky falls on our heads…


Not as good to look at :sweat_smile:


After Eights seem to be the only chocolates in our village shop


It’s been a total pleasure having you with us all! :smiley:


Based on flavour (and slightly biased by Vivino 3.5/5) 6/10
Based on bare tasting (and not knowing whether it was a gift or came as a case selection or how long i have stored it) 8/10 - I don’t rate Riojas highly usually as they tend to ride on their reputation rather than their quality.


I’ll go 7.5 for the 2015 Muga Reserva. It’s got room to grow into an 8.5 when it grows up!


Now THERE’s an idea. Who doesn’t love a bit of mid-week fizz!?


2004 Ontanon Reserva (Tempranillo/Graciano)

This wine is ordinary. Which is why I opened it midweek. That’s not a putdown BTW - what are you expecting for a fiver? By all of which I mean that this is what it says on the label. No weirdness or “tastes like a burgundy” about it. And it has matured gracefully. There are no concentrated individual flavours here, but more of a harmonious whole.

I have to say this wine is showing better on its own than it did earlier with food.

The oak/wine balance is where it should be. Acidity is poised at the right level too. Thumbs up for a VFM wine. I guess that as compared with the Society’s benchmarks, it’s a bit like an aged version of the Society crianza, transmuted into a reserva IYSWIM. A decent midweek drop. Last bottle of a case.


Vina Arana 2012 8/10

Very good. I would say if definitely will get better in the next 2-5 years. As it stands it is lovely, and is a full 3 course meal of a wine even if it is maybe a bit young. I think it could be 8.5/9 in the future.


Thank you for joining! You’re right, it’s been excellent fun!


NOW! We’re talking !!