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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



Artadi Grandes Anadas 1998 Coravin
Medium red. No bricking. Integrated tannins.
Vanilla, liquorice, still decent fruit. V long, but did not time. Preferred to Dominio '11 with the chilli.
However this tasting just confirms my preference for left bank Bordeaux




Cune GR 2010
A generous 6/10


Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 2004

At 16 years old this doesn’t feel in the least bit tired. Got a good few years on it yet. Shame I haven’t got any more.

I don’t have any Spanish cheese right now just a selection of French alpine cheeses but the Rioja (or the Frecnh cheese) doesn’t seem to be the least bit racist and each is loving the other!


Vina Alarda Gran Reserva 2011 7/10


Response to rhetorical question. Has acidity and tannins with 13.5% alcohol, so I guess so. But, practically, other wines - eg Bandol, Cahors - would edge the space.


El Piadoso 2008 Gran Reserva. 7/10


Mrs CC: Campo Viejo Gran Reserva 2012. 8/10 from us.


Ramón Bilbao High Altitude,
I’ll let you guess my number with this:


Managed to find a sliver of Manchego in the fridge… All three have high acidity, which is typical, I believe, but the tannins are smooth and integrated. All three wines seem to have plenty of life left in them and the Muga especially was very restrained; glad I only too a small glass of each. Obviously, the Urbina is the most delicious and I wish I had more like @JayKay

It will be interesting to see how time and oxygen changes the taste…


Exhibition Gran Reserva 2001:


Yeah I went there.


Vina Cala - Coop


Very easy drinking and fruity but no complexity and lacks any oak or depth. Light tannins and does not linger long.


Lindes De Remelluri 2014 13.5% Alc. GBP 21/bottle
Mix of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano
Decanted 3.5 hours ago

Tasted this 1 hr after opening and was going to pull it from the tasting. Not now. Opening nicely with good fruit and acidity and very soft / smooth tannins. Very lightly oaked. I guess this is what is being referred to as a “modern” Rioja. 'Tis certainly not old school.

Fruit is light strawberry with touch of stone fruit. Nice concentration of fruit. The slightly higher acidity makes for a good match with many foods (me - leek, fennel, mushroom and chèvre quiche. Medium length.

Grown at a higher elevation (than most others) hence higher acidity and lower alcohol.

Question - is this the “modern” style and is this the future of Rioja?


Cune Reserva 2015 solid 6/10 getting better as we drink it, bit more fruit, bit softer and less tannin as it opens


Vina Majestica 2013 …8/10
Not sure what people are considering …for me quality and price!


Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 2004 9.5/10 (I never give a perfect 10 to anything)


A tasting note that won’t be used but hilarious none the less


Contino Rosado 2017 - a big 9!


Contino Rosado 2017 - 9.5/10 - I can’t see how a rosé can be much better than this!


2015 Muga Reserva - I’m going for a 6 at this stage but I think it’ll develop with a few more years