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We are enjoying the same Urbina, though I got the bottle with the cherries in it rather than the plums🤣 I am so happy we have five more of this lovely wine left. And won’t be too worried about drinking up either. Plenty of life left in it yet.


Spicy plums and black currant and a dry catch on the finish. We like it.


Muga Seleccion Especial Reserva 2005
Quite dense blackcurrant upfront on the palate with cedar and sour cherry. Soft velvety tannins that are beginning to transition to dusty. Long finish.

Honestly had expected a tiny bit more complexity from the palate after the nose, but think this is a wine that would work beautifully with and benefit from a very dense slow-cooked beef casserole or lamb shanks.


Knew you were a rosé kinda girl :joy:


Is it likely that a different vintage will be in stock this year?


i would agree. Just poured a second glass of this and got all that volatile, mushroomy, sherry like nose again…more length on the finish of first glass as it warmed slightly. The smoothness of this wine is unbelievable, but with that little bit of tannic grip right at the end. Roast lamb.


I thought you would go with Cava Conde de Haro Brut 2016


Arana Reserva 2011.
Tastes good. Not complex, slightly sweet red fruit. Not as savory or leathery as anticipated. Smooth but not silky smooth so Roger Moore as opposed to Sean Connery in terms of mouth feel.
Decent long finish with a bit of spice and tannin.
No idea about further aging really. It’s not pale at the room of the glass. Maybe the savory character will develop with a few more years?
I’m enjoying it thoroughly.
Hard to keep up!


2015 Muga Reserva
I think this has a long way to go. There’s some acidity here, and bright zingy strawberries and raspberries are bursting in my cheeks. Still quite tannic but not unpleasantly so. Then some stewed plum, vanilla and the spicy toasted oak.

Intense flavour and a long finish. A good 20+ seconds of it. A very good wine, but 5 more years surely wouldn’t hurt it.


Now here’s a question - how would you score your wine out of 10?

If you make sure you include the name of it, I’ll track them and add the scores to the Wiki at the start of this topic so we can see all the scores in one place. :smiley:


I thought I was the only one feeling let down by the king of BUBBLES :rofl:


Rioja tends to have a lot less sediment as it ages for so long in barrel and is then bottled older, so the tannins have already fallen out


Casa del Marques crianza. Drinking with an After Eight mint really brings out the flavours of the wine! Still a few years to go on it.
Navajas Gran Reserva: same experiment, but not such an effect. Probably only one or two years at most to go.


Exhibition Gran Reserva 2001.

Think it could survive is it was left for a couple more years but can’t really see how it would develop any further.


Rioja Vega 2016 8/10


Glorioso 2015: 8/10


Muga 2011 Selección Especial - 9/10 great to begin with, but absolutely stunning after an hour :wine_glass:


Trying to make my gif a little more “impressive” this time


Altos - already marked at 8.5 and after careful consideration and a couple of glasses, I would confirm!!


Now THAT’S an interesting food match! :smiley: Never would have thought of trying that…