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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



The Mexicane superhot was a bit overpowering even with my asbestos palate…


Is a Crianza worth keeping - will it age further in the bottle?


Mrs CC: Campo Viejo Gran Reserva 2012. Goes well with hard cheese. Had a glass earlier with beef pie and it went well. We find that Rioja generally goes well with sausages, and usually have it with Toad in the Hole. (Noted a lovely-looking photo of one earlier in the tasting.)


Bodegas y Viñedos del Contino Rioja Reserva 930 for the Wine Society
(now 90 mins in decanter)

This is my second bottle, the last one opened was a year ago. It’s come out of its shell a bit since then. The fruit is a bit more expressive, still that raspberry. The oak a nice seasoning of creaminess. Still all fresh and primary, I can feel there’s more to give but can’t quite place what that might be. Very smooth, nothing drying on the finish, nice body. With food (salami, red leicester) the oak comes out, the fruit lasts in the finish.

Not so much of the dark fruit from the nose, more sour fruit. No spice or leather or anything like that but maybe some sort of minerality(?) - hard to describe. Long finish, coats the mouth.




Tasting a Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 1998

This is one of only three bottles (plus a magnum) left in my collection of these wines - opened in honour of tonight’s tasting

The wine is the first vintage of this wine ever made.

It is showing definite age, with brick colour on the rim but still dark core. The nose is quite evolved with TONS of the balsamic and cedar wood, though not a huge amount of the sweeter tobacco I might expect that would round it out. Lots of forest fruit too - like wild strawberries - but stewed.

The mouth is showing some particularly high acidity - maybe a little less integrated. There’s tons of stewed fruit, even some rhubarb. Not getting as much of the tobacco here either, and am not sure how much longer it will last, but tasty right now.


The 1994 Marques de Murrieta is going down brilliantly. 1994 certainly was a very great vintage. We drank our last Vina Ardanza 1994 recently and it was, probably, even better.


Its seen a bit of wood so the tannins will give it at least 5 years


I was surprised by zero sediment in the 2007 as well. Is that a 907 thing, or will it come with loads more time like others do you think?


The Co-op sell it.


This kind of banter is just what we all need :joy:


Some cracking stuff in the Definition range. The Limoux Chardonnay is ace!


Contino Rosado 2017 - This rosé would definitely age longer, it’s still so fresh and concentrated. There aren’t many rosé wines that I would age but this and Thymiopoulos Rosé would definitely be the two I would stick in the cellar!


okay… just gone and got a bit of cheese from the fridge… hopefully it will be the saving grace for this wine

La Rioja Alta Seleccion 874 Reserva Rioja 2013


The Society Crianza 2016 is ready and good to go now. Fab vintage as you know. Needs 2 hrs to breath, it’s gorg


Very much alive and enjoying so much have not had time to add a tasting note … to follow!


But more readily available just now! :rofl:


Suspect it’s because it’s not aged in bottle, only on release, but would defer to others.



Decanted into the Eto at 5pm

Forgot that an Eto isn’t supposed to accommodate a full bottle so disposed of the extra glass earlier on. Was a bit blown away by the oak influence - all sweet vanilla and not much else.

Now settled down, fruit is coming out a bit more on the nose, but still a little too much vanilla on the palate for me at first sip. Tannins smooth, medium acidity.

A bit of vigorous swirling evens things out even more. Red and black berries coming through strongly. Quite rich, best with food (though my spicy goat sausages were too fucking spicy for wine!).

Should have given it longer in the decanter, but will be nice to save some for tomorrow.


OK, take 3 on the Bosco. And yeah, it’s still opening up. A really lovely drink now. Reminding me why I’ve always preferred Bosco to Tondo.