LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm

Good evening! :smiley:

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE virtual Rioja tasting.

If you’re taking part tonight, congratulations - you’ll be participating in our biggest tasting ever!

It’s going to be busy, and I know for many of you this will be your first event on The Community, so here’s some advice to help things run smoothly:

Rioja guide

Firstly, while some of you are die-hard Rioja aficionados, many of us aren’t as knowledgeable (me included!) so here’s our buyer’s guide to Rioja:

It includes a really handy infographic which will help if you’re unsure about some of the terminology - such as the difference between ‘crianza’, ‘reserva’ and ‘gran reserva’.

Who’s on hand to help tonight

I’ll try to lead things, but there’s plenty of Society staff around to help if you need a hand (especially if you’re new here), so don’t hesitate to tag us using the following usernames:

@Kelly: Community Co-ordinator
@Ewan: one of our original Community crew (and also our PR Manager)
@Freddy - one of our buyers (for regions including Australia, New Zealand and Austria)
@hugofount - from our Brand and Content Marketing Team
@MrLaura - from Member Services

A big welcome to @PierreM!

We’re also chuffed to have our Director of Wine and buyer for Spain popping by to join us - so feel free to ask him anything about Rioja!

Before we start at 8pm…

I know many of you would like to take part in the #clapforNHS event taking place, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so:

We can get started a few minutes after eight and I think we’ll all be glad to raise a glass of Rioja to the hard-working NHS who are working so hard to care for us.

Here’s how things will work:

  1. I’m about to post @tom’s brilliant WIKI (editable list) of who’s tasting what tonight. Have a look and, if you’re not on there, feel free to add yourself! You can do that by clicking the ‘Edit’ button in the bottom right of the post.

  2. I’ll also post a poll to see who’s here - please let us know, and feel free to say hi and start chatting before we start.

  3. We’re all drinking different Riojas, so it’s going to be hard to keep track. So whenever you post tonight, please start your post with the name of the wine you’re drinking.

  4. To begin, I’ll invite us all to pour a glass, have a swirl and take in the aromas, and post your thoughts and first impressions. As there’s so many of us, it would probably be easier if you limit this to one post, so feel free to take your time and have a good swirl and sniff.

  5. We’ll then taste the wines together and ask you to share your own tasting note. Again, ideally as there’s well over 50 of us taking part (!), it’ll be easier if you take your time and write your tasting note up in one post to help us keep track. Feel free to add any food matches and/or your thoughts on how well the wine is drinking now, and how much longer it might age. Anything goes, and there are no wrong answers!

  6. After this, we’ll possibly have time to ask for your mark out of 10, or final thoughts.

Don’t worry if we overrun - I’m happy to stay as long as you want to continue the tasting. :smiley:

It’s going to be a fun event - I can’t wait!


I’m so excited for this tasting tonight! And I’m sure the #clapforNHS will be extremely moving!

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FCxvHere’s the current list of who’s joining us:

Vintage Wine User Score
1970 Monte Real Gran Reserva @gannetkeith
1994 Murrieta Reserva @lincoln
Murrieta Gran Reserva @MarkC
1996 Marques de Riscal Reserva @Rownhams
1997 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 @simonswine
1998 Artadi Grandes Anadas @Kent_wino
Dinastia Vivanco Reserva @robert_mcintosh
Valsacro (white) @CitizenD
2001 TWS Exhibition Rioja Gran Reserva @laura
Altos de Lanzaga @ChurchHill
LRA 904 Gran Reserva @philtaylor
2003 Pata Negra Reserva @Gareth-W
2004 Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva @MikeFranklin
Ontañón Reserva (Tempranillo/Graciano) @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis
Bosconia Reserva @suiko
2005 Muga Seleccion especial @hugofount
2006 Urbina Reserva Especial @JayKay, @VinoVeritas
Vina Arana @Raisin_d_etre
2007 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva @tfpywfpy
2008 Rioja Alta Arana Reserva @NW_passenger
2009 Rioja Alta Arana Reserva @tom
Rioja Alta Senorio de Unuela @RonaldVinho
Vina Pomal Reserva @BigWillie
2010 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva @cormski
Bodegas y Viñedos del Contino Rioja Reserva 930 for the Wine Society @danchaq
Vina ardanza @SCWilko @Ewan, @gordon123, @Tannatastic
Navaja Gran Reserva @Alasdair
Bodegas Hermosilla Crianza @Camilla
CVNE Imperial Reserva @martinlf, @Nina
CVNE Gran Reserva @GWills
Imperio Gran Reserva @peterbvos
Baron de Barbon Gran Reserva @Lisa
2011 Dominio (Campo Viejo) @Kent_wino
Muga Selection Especial @JockyMcSporan
Vina Arena, Reserva @Lewis
Vina Real Gran Reserva @js_uk
Contino Reserva @cranager
Vina Alarde Gran Reserva @Ian_cranston
Espartero Gran reserva @Gazalot
2012 Rioja Alta, Vina Arana, Gran Reserva, 2012 @Mike, @Lowri_Robjohn
CVNE Vina Real Gran Reserva @Joewlmansfield
Campo Viejo Gran Reserva @CroquetChris
Tahon Reserva @VinoVeritas
Muga Seleccion Especial Reserva @VinoVeritas
Marques de Romerol Reserva @PeterB
2013 La Rioja Alta Seleccion 874 Reserva @szaki1974, @PaulM
Vina Majestica Reserva @belfry22
2014 Beronia Reserva @Brocklehurstj
Ramón Bilbao High Altitude @Leah
Lindes de Remelluri @JockShearer
Contino 934 Reserva @GannetKeith
Beronia Reserva @RichardM
Muga Reserva @PierreM
2015 Baron de Ley, Crianza @Scrop, @Firthjulie
Baron de Ley Reserva @JulesSJ
Campo Viejo Rioja @chestercentaur
Bodegas Muga Reserva @Bargainbob, @Jcmwooldridge
Navajas Crianza @SarahMcB @WineIO
Glorioso Crianza @JamesRWise
CVNE Reserva @JaneMatthew
Casa del Maques Crianza @Alasdair
Pata Negra Rioja Reserva @Gareth-W
Cepa Lebrel @Jendm
Medievo Crianza @HBlackburn
2016 The Society’s Rioja Crianza @Herbster, @WineIO
CVNE Crianza @EdMcK
Vindeos Barrihuelo Crianza @Underatenner
LAN Crianza @Del_shel
2017 Muriel @CaroFG
Gomez Cruzado @KathrynS
Perez Burton Rioja @Wangi
Contino Rosado @Kelly @Freddy
2018 Ilurce Angel Rioja (100% Garnacha) @Alchemist
Muriel Vendimmia Seleccionada @Katrina
Plantados del Ladera Finca-Montalvillo @Nigel01606

If you really wanted to, you could always add a fourth column on the table for this?/

It’s a lovely idea, though unnecessary in my opinion (as an nhs worker). Also if the cheering/applause wakes up our children I’ll miss the tasting, which would be a disaster!


Ooooh, now there’s a thought! :smiley: Yes, let’s do that at the end! :smiley:

Who’s here tonight?!

  • I’m here, with my wine at the ready!
  • I haven’t got any Rioja, but I’ll join in anyway

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I have been diagnosed with a condition called Vestibular Migraine. It’s a balance thing which causes vertigo. I’ve been put on a special diet for 6 months. No cheese, citrus, chocolate, Chinese food, caffeine and…No red wine. i will read this thread and live vicariously on your pleasure.


Wow that’s a lot of great flavours wiped from the menu. Am sure we all wish you a successful conclusion @oy-oy.


LRA 2010 Ardanza here too.

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ty Mr Kent…

Crikey this is gonna be quite a party


If kid allows, will join for some A/B tasting:

  • The Society’s Rioja Crianza 2016
  • Navajas Crianza Rioja 2015
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This is exciting been remote working since last Friday but nothing as much fun as this :grinning:


image photo of tonight’s bottle.[quote=“laura, post:1, topic:7142”]

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The other half’s gonna miss most or all of this tasting, as she’s tuning in to some webinar about video consultations, or something like that. So that’s about 2-3,000 GPs who might not notice the applause anyway…!

Snap! I’ve had the 2011 and the 2014, but not the 2016, looking forward to it.

Hello everyone!
My chosen bottle for tonight is Muga Reserva 2014…duly decanted…see you at 8


Hope you don’t mind I tweaked it a little. Has to have a blankish line after the title to get formatting right

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Ah, so it was you! I tried editing it but you got there first!!! Well done anyway.

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All ready. Gone down the Coravin route as my two sons heard I was opening this and want to taste it too (stuck in London)!!Rioja%201996%20Ready