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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste First Taste of Two New Exhibition Wines, Thursday 4th June , 8-9pm

Thank you, Kelly. It’s simply a Brancott Estate 2018.

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Positively chomping at the bit https://gph.is/2iDfMlN

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Hi everyone! Excited to try these two new wines!

Who’s here?

  • I’m here!
  • I’m lurking…

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We have the two wines for tonight open and ready

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never seen that entry poll fill up so quickly

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I’m hereeeeee ! But not organised…

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Exciting!! What an enthusiastic response.

Right, let’s start with the riesling - pour a glass (if you haven’t already… :wink: ) and have a swirl and a sniff!

What do you think?

Another who only has the Riesling but looking forward to joining properly for the first time.

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Greetings from Brighton! Just finished our Indian takeaway - heavenly! Only me today - the other two are watching The Simpsons :sleeping: :exploding_head:

I Say! the colour of this PN is beautiful!

Hm… the photo doesn’t really do it justice!.. :thinking:


We’re already

…but raining outside


Mrs CC: a lot of pear drops with a hint of strawberry and faint note of petrol.


Welcome @Sunset! And @sunburntpenguin! Fantastic to see you here. :slight_smile:

Nice advert for Riedel pinot glasses right there! :wink:

Smells nice. A bit like a pear? Not as petrolly as an Alsace, although I must admit I quite like the riesling petrol smell!


Fresh and (thankfully) not too floral/perfumed.

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wrong wine @Inbar


I don’t have the wines unfortunately but looking forward to hearing about them!

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Delicious riesling. Lemon, clean, fresh. But not, as that might sound, in a toilet cleaner way! In a sharp perfect way.

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Ha ha! except it isn’t… It’s a Stölzle…! :grimacing:

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Getting sorted…

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