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I’m still baffled by the back label of the Burgundy, which says that it is…

…the fruit of our best oldest vines in the heart of Puligny-Montrachet.

If that’s true, why not bottle it as Puligny-Montrachet for £50+ a pop?

Or are they cheekily referring to the geographical village rather than the delimited AOC, and there are (and I’d need to dig out the map here…) vineyards in the village which only qualify as Bourgogne…?


You might be on to something. There are a few teeny, tiny patches of ‘Other vineyard’

Edit: picture less clear than I’d like - In les Folatières, Champ Gain and les Demoiselles

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Yes, me too


We had the 2015 vintage of old Oncle last Christmas, and the notes for it started with…

"A floral-scented ‘baby’ Puligny-Montrachet from the excellent Olivier Leflaive, harvested from old vines planted just below Puligny itself… "

So wonder if the vines are just outside of the designated AOC area…?


Hmm, sorry I don’t have the map for the other side of the road

Ah yes, I can see them. They’re in great spots if it’s one of them.

Guess the other possibility is that it’s from somewhere just off the bottom of the map.

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Oops, our posts crossed!

Yeah, I’ve got the same map as you.

There be dragons…

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I do like a map. Any recommendations as to where to pick up some good wine region maps?

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The World Atlas of Wine is wonderful.

Put together by High Johnson and Jancis Robinson. Now on the 8th edition and for some silly reason I have bought the last four (actually 5th edition was a present from my wife-to-be - she was all-too-aware of my map and wine geekery).

Edited for spellings


It’s great.

Over the years I’ve lost many, many hours poring over the maps in my 6th edition.


Same here (7th edition) - it’s the only time I ever get excited about maps! Whereas on walks, if the other half produces his beloved OS maps I just fall asleep on the spot… :grimacing:


And me. There’s just something about maps and good wine that works.


Not yet. Likely out of the fridge straight to decanter in 30 mins or so

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Some here would say you’re running behind! :grinning:


I’m always excited about maps :nerd_face:

We’ve hung up a huge framed OS map centred on our postcode. We’re so cool.


I got one of those for Valentines Day. We’re so romantic!


Let’s not neglect any background info on the red. Had to Google this earlier as I’d no idea where Coteaux d’Enserune would be found.


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Pie going in the oven


Looks good. What’s the filing?

Very nice. Yes, what filling? :slight_smile: