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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste: English wines in 1874, Thursday 7th July, 8-9pm

Good afternoon/evening Community :smiley:

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE virtual tasting of English wines in our 1874 magazine.

#TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: English wines in 1874, Thursday 7th July, 8-9pm

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting and what the tasting involves, have a read of our guide 'How To - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events

We’ve chosen a white wine and a sparkling wine from England which are both featured in our new summer 1874 magazine, and we’re very excited to try these together with you.

The two wines we’ll be trying are:

  1. Rathfinny Classic Cuvée, Sussex 2018


  1. Stopham Estate Sussex Pinot Blanc 2021


Here’s how things will work:

  1. We’ll post a poll just before 8pm to see who’s here - please let us know, and feel free to say hi and start chatting before we start.
  2. To begin, we’ll invite you all to pour a glass, have a swirl and take in the aromas, and post your thoughts and first impressions. Take your time and have a good swirl and sniff.
  3. We’ll then taste the wines together, one by one and ask you to share your own tasting note. Do add any additional food matches and/or your thoughts on how well the wine is drinking now, and how much longer it might age. Anything goes, and there are no wrong answers!
  4. After this, we’ll possibly have time to ask for your mark out of 10, favourite wine of the two or final thoughts.

And after that, if you want to continue chatting about the wines then please do!

We hope to see you tonight! :smiley: We’ll get going at 8pm.

We are here - ready and waiting.

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Rathfinny about to be opened! Perhaps bring the Pinot Blanc out of the fridge?


Thanks for that. We will open it now too.

Hello! Welcome to tonight’s TWSTaste - let’s get started :smiley:


We’ll be starting by trying the Rathfinny Classic Cuvée, Sussex 2018 - has everyone opened it and got a glass poured? If so, give it a sniff and please share your first thoughts!

Had a hell of a job getting the cork out - most difficult fizz cork in years. Heroically managed it without a sabre too.


Apparently we had issues getting the cage off!


Yes I found the cork quite difficult to get out.


Oh dear! Glad no one (or nothing) was injured!


Ours practically flew off. As eager as us!


Apples. Lots of fresh apples

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Mrs CC: getting a biscuity nose, combined with a slight hint of lemon and flint and some yeasty-ness in the background. Lovely!

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Us too! Positively desperate :laughing:

We’re getting light muscovado sugar on the nose / light caramel. Apples too, a bit tarte tatin-ish.


Out of interest (as we haven’t had a fizz as a TWSTaste wine for a while) - what glasses are you all trying the Rathfinny out of?

We are using riedel flutes, but might see what this is like out of Gabriel glas universals to see if different

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Mrs CC: we’re trying it with our usual large tasting glasses so that we can get our noses in to sniff. It’s better for swirling too, although I don’t want to lose too many bubbles.