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LIVE from 8pm #TWSTaste: Burgundy grapes, Alsace style [7th Nov 2019]


Mrs cc just measured it at 21.9 in the bottle


Eek that’s warm!


Wow, mines nowhere near that warm, I find its getting better in the glass too.


Love the colour, nose and juicy, refreshing taste. Fruity, but also plenty of depth. In reference to the ‚Äúmade like a Burgundy‚ÄĚ description, I think there‚Äôs some truth in this.


For £12.95, what do you think of this in terms of value for money vs other Pinot?


Ours was sitting in the glass for an hour at room temperature…but then the heating did go off at 7 so it feels a bit cold


This took my wine tasting/drinking to a new level…


Put a jumper on :sweat_smile:


Two of my favourite wine people.


It was measured with a very accurate thermometer. I was surprised since it does not feel that warm


I think it answers the question, what should I drink instead of red burgundy these days !


Interesting… might have to look into that.


I will need to get up for a refill…


I enjoyed the Cattin Pinot earlier this week at £20 - this wine is very good value, I think, comparing more favourably to a good Beaujolais for me.



Good value for money, would probably buy this again.


in price maybe… :wink:


What about food?!


:thinking: Was that a #twstaste a few months ago? It reminded me of that wine if it was. All cherry pie


Mrs CC: goes well with Comte, strong Welsh cheddar but not so much with vintage gouda.