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LIVE from 8pm #TWSTaste: Burgundy grapes, Alsace style [7th Nov 2019]


Palate, Minerality giving way to yes… that ashtray again with cherry cola, some pimento,and kirsch.


Not as rich as we were expecting. Might grow on us. Trying with cheese…


Fresh, succulent, sour red fruits and earthy spice. Gastronomic.



very attractive Morello cherries (thanks @VinoVeritas) on the palate, this is great… I get the ash also but in the texture not the taste


That’s really interesting — for me it was richer than I was expecting! Different expectations or big bottle variation?!?


I think it is complex, but in an light and elegant way… agree with not rich, really lovely


This is growing on me… lots of clove now.


well, it doesn’t come across as a typical Pinot Noir, does it? Very intriguing!


This is delicious. Fresh, juicy, cherries, sour raspberries, some tannin, rough silk texture.


Am a bit disappointed with it. Was expecting more fruit from the nose.


more langhe nebbiolo than red burgundy


Its got good up front fruit and some nice sweet spice, but it’s lacking a little bit in the finish. Seems to dissipate quite quickly.


What temperature is your wine??


The second sip was even better than the first.

More depth than I was expecting from an Alsace PN, especially at its price point.


Room not chilled.


Its nothing like a red Burgundy :sweat_smile:


I think this is fruity-earthy-spicy and I’m really enjoying the sour cherry and depth of the spice. For me this seems a lot more balanced and integrated than the white?


Agreed — I’ve only tried a few but they’ve all been notably lighter than this.


very different from Alsace (or Moselle) PN I tried before… the good thing is it is not a Burgundy imitation