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LIVE from 8pm #TWSTaste: Burgundy grapes, Alsace style [7th Nov 2019]


First hit was this metallic almost blood like nose, followed by cherries in kirsch on a black forest gateau, with fag ash and something reminiscent of a rose bush in flower…




Great, quite rich colour - cooked Morello cherries and notes of fresh raspberries.


OH: Bakewell tart & cherry


Nope. Not getting fag ash despite the bonfire earlier.


Blood and cherries, thanks folks !


Ooooh sour cherrys and frozen raspberries!


Maybe its my neighbours illegal coal fire …:rofl:


There’s definitely some warm spice there in the background. Totally see what you mean about the cigarette ash @Leah!


I don’t get the blood… but kind of happy this tasting is on-line…


Cherries for me as well


Nice fruit balanced by slightly smoky tobacco pouch earthiness. Would have gone for bordeaux blend in a blind tasting!


Aside: Mrs @Ewbz has just walked in with fish & chips. I now know what I’m going to do with the excess chardonnay :fish::fries:


Mrs CC: cinnamon, some cherries and a faint hint of orange chocolate


Black forest gateau for one, Christmas pudding for the second. I’m still on currants, cherries and spice.


slight clove and anaesthetic


Yes, I can see the fag Ash - like a sharp, pungent note on top of the fruit. Subtle, but there.


Who’s already tasted it? :laughing: Feel free to dive in…


Med ruby, purple tinge. Med: gentle floral, dark cherry, raspberry, earthy (yes, ash — h/t @leah) & gentled warm spice: clove, cardamom even.

Mix of fresh & brooding. Interesting…


Definitely getting the tobacco smoke. Its not quite a fine Cohiba but nicer than a Lambert and Butler!