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LIVE from 8pm #TWSTaste: Burgundy grapes, Alsace style [7th Nov 2019]


Mrs CC: vanilla, creamy, smooth


very attractive, fresh lime with some candied peel


Not much like white burgundy more acidic perhaps Chablis.


We couldn’t wait either! Had it with haddock.


OH here, tasting, my first thought was freshly squeezed oranges.


Quite sharp, lime flavours now, but also feels full in the mouth. Delicious :yum:


Interesting, its smooth a little buttery, massive amounts of lemon sorbet going on . Slight fennel, touch of vanilla but again the wet stone flintiness and freshness. I think it still needs some time to balance out.


gentler than most similar priced Chablis I had…


Wow, interesting. Unusual - a lot going on with the balance of citrus and richer fruit but its not something that reminds me of white burgundy. Was unsure if I liked it at first but growing on me.


Mixed response here. One hates it, two think it is inoffensive. All are red drinkers normally though.


They say 4-7 years keeping. I’d like to try it when it’s more integrated. Loving all the various aromas, flavours, textures, but for me it’s a bit like a deconstructed wine - I want the elements to knit together more. It’s very fine, though.


what was the alcohol in this? too lazy to go to the fridge now…


Quite full but acidity balances it out nicely. Definitely getting more lime on the palate and a bit of clove too


Definitely not something I’d compare to white Burgundy but it’s got a lovely creamy fruit character. :heart_eyes: I really quite like this…


Dry, high acid, med body. Med: lime, lemon, pear, very slate. Juicy - ripe apples, apricot, orange zest. Mineral - flint, slate. Pretty long.

@szaki1974 — 13%


Or to scroll up! It’s 13%


Turns out food really helps…


I also thought that it was still somewhat closed based on the nose, palate confirms… I do like it though


Reminds me of the English Chardonnay from the Battersea wine makers - cannot remember their name.


Agreed and has some elegance, it will only get better.