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LIVE from 8pm #TWSTaste: Burgundy grapes, Alsace style [7th Nov 2019]


Yeah, 8 from me too. Super impressed by the VFM.


I think a 6. I like it but I’m a bit underwhelmed


Personally I’m looking forward to meeting Michel Ginglinger on Monday at our London tasting - not to praise him for his pinot, but rather to ask him how he pronounces his surname! Ging Linger? Zhan-lan-zhair? Zhin-Ling-air? Zhan-ling-air? I’ll report back!


It’s a firm 7.5 for me, especially for such a reasonable price.


Mrs W is never a PN fan and says 4. It’s another 7 from me.



Have been disappointed with PN so many times. 5 from me and 3(!) from the partner who has finally got home and gulped down a few sips ASAP.


Alsace pinot noir - huit points!


#Namedropper………… in more ways than one :rofl:


Wow, such a mix of scores tonight!!

Okay, here’s the big question - which did you think is best?

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot noir

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A 6 from both of us. A bit too like ribena though is better with food


A pity as had high hopes but again we were a bit underwhelmed with this. 2 x 6 for us.


I’ve been musing over that too.

Should I ever have cause to order one of their wines in public !


But before that I’ll be hob-nobbing with that well-known Geordie Irish exile in Edinburgh!
I’ve bought you a t-shirt!


For me this is one of the closest #twstaste I can remember! The PN pips it on price & exceeding expectations…


Bec was overruled by the majority! She refuses to agree.


I’ve never felt so loved :sweat_smile:


I’m not a huge pinot fan, but this ticks a lot of boxes for me!


This is a wineocracy


I was just typing the same thing! Really interesting to see how this has divided opinion.