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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Bring A Bottle: Small Producers, Thursday 8th October, 8-9pm

I decided for the Furmint, Peter Wetzer 2018. Opened it yesterday, actually. :blush:


Ooh, I haven’t had a Furmint since Bin #004!

I’m looking forward to trying this tonight:

Thanks to a recommendation from @Embee in the Favourite Small Producers topic:

:smiley: Having it with leftover lasagne, which should be lovely.

What’s everyone else eating tonight?


This for me, although I’ve already enjoyed half of it with the usual Thursday night stir fry, in my defence it’s only 10% ABV…

…the rest remains for later but I do have a glass on the go to ‘help’ me decide on what I want from the updated Italian list.

@laura, that wine really comes alive with food, lasagne sounds like a great choice too !


Hello everyone!

Who’s joining us tonight? :smiley:

  • Me!
  • I’m lurking

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We are trying two wines from White Castle vineyard near Abergavenny


Just trying to get supper on the table, but I’ve opened this

Can’t really claim favourite small producer as it was a random bottle shop grab, but it’s definitely a small producer (more to follow)


Love the label design !

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Ooh! Possibly our first Welsh wine at a #twstaste!

It was! Ours was a veggie one and I think it would have been a better match with a traditional meat lasagne, but it definitely worked pretty well.

What’s for supper? :smiley:


Dobrá Vinice, Créme de Parc National 2017

We’ve reached out to the limits of our wine experience tonight with this.

It’s a Czech sparkling wine and yes, we need to use a beer bottle opener to get in!


Now THAT is obscure!! Can’t wait to hear more - where did you get it from?

What else?

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Roberson Wines. With a bit of discount as it’s a bin end. Excited and nervous to try!

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Alrighty then! Let’s start - have a swirl and a sniff. First impressions?

The Siegerrebe is very aromatic.

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Dobrá Vinice, Créme de Parc National 2017

Yeasty, green apple, pear, a hint of oat perhaps. It’s naturally cloudy. Actually pleasant. Pale yellow and maybe a bit shiny because it’s cloudy. Still nervous…


Barbera d’Alba Nadia Curto

First impression on the nose is, WOW! Immediately out of the bottle, it actually smells a little volatile. Quickly calms down having been in the glass for a few minutes. Cherries in abundance of all different kinds, black, red, morello, glace, and bits of raspberry and cranberry. Not massively complex, but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in intensity.


Excited to hear about Welsh wine.

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Mrs CC: White Castle Siegerrebe 2018

Fruity, lychee, peachy, faint back note of petrol


Bacharacher Hahn Riesling Kabinett 2018.

Despite having drank hundreds of bottles in this style I still find it hard to describe the aromas. Lovely sherbet-like freshness, stone fruit, a large squirt of citrus, minerality, but most of all youthful riesling fruit. It certainly begs to be tasted !


It’s a small winery run by Nicola and Robb near Abergavenny with around 7000 vines. He used to be a postman. Oz Clarke’s a fan. They went to Plumpton College to learn about Viticulture. Lovely people and well worth a visit.