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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Bordeaux Vertical, 7th May, just after 8pm-9pm

Good afternoon/evening everyone!

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE virtual Bordeaux Vertical tasting.

If you’re planning to participate tonight then thank you - these last few tastings have been our biggest Community tastings ever!

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting and what the tasting involves, have a read of our guide 'How To - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events

We also always start the event properly a few minutes after 8pm so we can all join in with #clapforourcarers if you’d like to participate.

Bordeaux Wine Guide

If you’re new to Bordeaux wines and want to swot up before the tasting, have a read of our Ultimate Guide to Bordeaux Wine:

We are also so pleased to announce that our Bordeaux Buyer @SykoWino will be joining us for this event!

"Bordeaux is a staple chez Sykes. I enjoy drinking everything from The Society’s Claret upwards, and regularly dip into my stash under the house to pick out a bottle. I would say that Claret makes up around half of the wine in my cellar.

When I first started buying Bordeaux professionally, in the mid-1990s, I could afford to buy the occasional case of classed growths. I was even able to buy the odd 6-pack of a First Growth – this was when you could purchase Mouton Rothschild, Haut-Brion etc. for around £40 per bottle en primeur. How times have changed!

Today virtually the only opportunity I get to drink the really top wines is when I’m in Bordeaux on a buying trip. I taste a huge amount of Bordeaux every year as part of my job, but drinking (as opposed to tasting) is what wine enjoyment is all about, and there is nothing better than sitting down with friends to a great bottle of Claret at the table."

You might also like to take a look at our Armchair Travels: Bordeaux’s New Grape Varieties written by Tim Sykes.

Who’s on hand to help tonight

We have lots of staff attending tonight, so please feel free to use the below usernames and tag any of us if you need a hand (and if you’re new to The Community, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have!)

@laura - Community Manager
@Kelly - Community Co-ordinator
@Ewan and @martin_brown - two of our original Community crew and members of our Brand and Content Team
@hugofount - from our Brand and Content Marketing Team
@MrLaura - from Member Services

Here’s how things will work:

  1. We will post a WIKI (editable list) of who’s tasting what tonight. Have a look and, if you’re not on there, please do add yourself! You can do that by clicking the ‘Edit’ button in the bottom right of the post.
  2. I’ll also post a poll to see who’s here - please let us know, and feel free to say hi and start chatting before we start.
  3. We’re all drinking different bottles, so it’s going to be hard to keep track. Whenever you post tonight, please start your post with the name of the wine you’re drinking!
  4. To begin, we’ll invite you all to pour a glass, have a swirl and take in the aromas, and post your thoughts and first impressions. As there’s so many of us, it would probably be easier if you limit this to one post , so feel free to take your time and have a good swirl and sniff.
  5. We’ll then taste the wines together and ask you to share your own tasting note. Again, as there are so many of us taking part, it’ll be easier if you take your time and write your tasting note up in one post to help us keep track. Feel free to add any additional food matches and/or your thoughts on how well the wine is drinking now, and how much longer it might age. Anything goes, and there are no wrong answers!
  6. After this, we’ll possibly have time to ask for your mark out of 10, or final thoughts.

And after that, if people want to continue chatting about their wines then please do!

Looking forward to tonight’s event! See you all there! :smile:

Vinatge Wine Region User
1969 Chateau Beychevelle Saint-Julien @Alex88
1970 Chateau Meyney Saint-Estephe @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis
1988 Chateau Rauzan-Segla Margaux @chris250
Chateau de Fieuzal Pessac=Leognan @Mike_P
1993 Le Haut-Medoc du Prieure Haut-Medoc @sm42
Chateau Valeyrac Medoc @Camilla
1996 Château Lagrange Saint-Julien @SykoWino
1996 Chateau Beychevelle Saint-Julien @Alasdair
1998 Chateau Leoville-Barton Saint-Julien @Steve_G
1999 Chateau Labegorce Margaux @Lloydy
2000 Chateau d’Angludet Margaux @ClaretBoy
Chateau Magdelaine Saint-Emilion @bax67
2001 Chateau Rauzan-Segla Margaux @nomimasu
2004 Chateau Fourcas-Dupre Listrac-Medoc @laura @MrLaura
Chateau Caronne St Gemme Haut-Medoc @robertorivero
2005 Chateau Cissac Haut-Medoc @JayKay
Chateau d’Aiguilhe Castillon @Cheers
Chateau La Serre Saint-Emilion GC @Miller6
2006 Clos deL’Oratoire Saint-Emilion GC @VinoVeritas
Les Forts de Latour Pauillac @P_Kerr-Dineen
Chateau Rieussec Sauternes @martin_brown
2007 Larrivet Haut Brion Blanc Pessac-Leognan @NW_passenger
Chateau La Tour Carnet Haut-Medoc @Awd1998
2008 Croix de Beaucaillou Saint-Julien @mjamezz13
2009 Ch. Charmail Haut-Médoc @Brod
Chateau Bourgneuf Pomerol @MarkC
Chateau Langoa Barton Saint-Julien @Kelly @Freddy
2010 Château Chasse Spleen Moulis @MikeFranklin
Chateau Puygueraud Cotes de Francs @tfpywfpy
Chateau Amelisse Saint-Emilion GC @AndrewSSS
Chateau Picard Saint-Estephe @Embee
Chateau Carmensac Haut_Medoc @Richg
Chateau Carbonnieux Pessac-Leognan @Oggie
2011 Ulysse Cazabonne Pauillac @Bargainbob
Chateau Gravet Renaissance Saint-Emilion GC @Rob
2012 Chateau Haut-Bailly Pessac-Leognan @Cormski
Chateau Beaumont Haut-Medoc @Lewis
2013 Chateau Clos Villemaurine Saint-Wmilion GC @Awd1998
2014 Chateau Sociondo-Mallet Haut-Medoc @Tannatastic
Chateau Puy-Blanquet Saint-Emilion GC @chestercentaur
Chateau Margerots Bordeaux Superieur @BrianUtd
Garagiste Right bank? @Brocklehurstj
Chateau Senejac Haut-Medoc @Herbster
2015 Clos Floridene Rouges Graves @szaki1974
Clos Floridene Blanc Graves @PaulM
2016 Ch. Château Valoux (Blanc) Pessac-Leognan @leah
No2. de Maucaillou Moulis @robertd
Jean-Pierre Moueix Saint-Emilion @EdMcK
Chateau Saint-Germain Bordeaux Superieur @ElizabethPitcher
2017 Chateau Bel Air Perponcher @CroquetChris
2018 Les Chartrons Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux @CroquetChris
2018 Sainsbury’s TTD St. Emilion

I don’t think I’ve ever written the word ‘Chateau’ so much in one sitting!

Feel free to add yourselves to it :smiley: I’ll be doing my usual sweep of the thread before we get cracking. Looking forward to it!


Charmail 2009.

Not to jump the gun but just decanted half the bottle which I’ll pop in the fridge for an hour beforehand. Good colour, inky purple with a brick rim(?) Blast of black fruit on the nose.

Lovely supple, gently cleansing tannins. Good length and kind of voluptuous tasting. See how it opens out in 4 hours.


Château Chasse Spleen, Moulis, 2010

Likewise I decanted mine about an hour ago. Seemed a bit worryingly closed then, hope it opens up by 8 o’clock.


The 2014 Sociando Mallet is decanted.

If you stare into this abyss too long it’ll stare right back at you…


I still don’t know what to open…


I have some lovely clarets, but thought id save them to share with Mr. Leah so I’m white tonight :wink:


I don’t drink much claret so only have one bottle at home.

Will probably get opened but will probably also have this open. It’s not from anywhere near Bordeaux, but is semillon - sorry but white wine is required tonight for the weather and supper.


Love the label. It’s like the opposite of those ads for Italian wine that you get in Decanter magazine, where everyone’s immaculately dressed and gobsmackingly beautiful.


Really you just like the fact that he appears to have a pint glass of wine(?) in his hand! :wink: :rofl:


“What’ll it be guv…? The usual?”

“Yep. Pint of semillon.”


Has to be said with an Aussie accent, though!


Surely just a schooner, more than that would be obscene.


Ch Beychevelle 1996
Found the following tasting notes…it seems I should be prepared to be unmoved/uninspired/unexcited.
Robert Parker 2003
Beychevelle’s 1996 reveals an evolved, dark plum color. The nose offers toasty new oak in an open, charming style with berry fruit intermixed with spice. It is an uninspiring example, particularly for such a top-notch terroir, but the wine is medium-bodied and cleanly made, with moderate longevity. Anticipated maturity: now-2012.
Robert Parker 1998
Slightly sweeter Cabernet Sauvignon fruit distinguishes the 1996 from the 1995. It reveals medium body, good but not terrific ripeness, clean winemaking, and toasty oak. It provides a narrowly constructed, elegant, but unmoving drinking experience. There is firm tannin in the finish, so bottle age may help a bit. Anticipated maturity: 2001-2015.This wine did not perform as well as I hoped. It has the potential to be one to two points better, but after tasting it several times, it appears to be a good but uninspiring effort.
Robert Parker 1998
It reveals medium body, good but not terrific ripeness, clean winemaking, and toasty oak. It provides a narrowly constructed, elegant, but unmoving drinking experience.
Jancis Robinson 2006
Bright ruby. Ripe and velvety on the nose. Round but quite aggressive and brutal. Lots of tannin still there. Wait for this to calm down. Competent but not the most exciting. Drink 2009-18


Standing ready since last night to hopefully allow any sediment to settle (not been opened yet, the cork in the pic is from a different bottle):


I am not sure I will attend tonight, it was our wedding anniversary yesterday and we had a 2005 St. Emillion Ch Berliquet that my wife had bought me as part of a mixed 6 bottle case when we got engaged (it was the 5th bottle of the 6 consumed). It was absolutely delicious, the buzz word my wife kept saying was chocolate but it was much more than that. So after having that last night having another Bordeaux tonight seems a bit of an extravagance… so I will drink something a little lighter maybe a portuguese white tonight. Enjoy all.

As an aside we have a 2005 Vacqueyras as the surviving bottle of the 6 then we will crack into the case of 2012 Pontet Canet for the 10th anniversary.


I’m already intrigued to see how this one fares! Good level for the age.


Must admit this is the first of this age I have opened…based on your previous experience with the 1970 Meyney, would you decant to get rid of the sediment or just pop and pour at this age?


I would decant just before starting to drink, but it does depend on the amount of sediment. If a bit in your wine doesn’t upset you and there’s only a bit in the bottle, then I wouldn’t worry. But a lot is liable to upset the ability to enjoy it.


I empathise…got carried away with weeding at allotment, just back home now. Mine will be Coravin, so it will have to breathe in glass.

It’s either a 2009 or 2010 I think. Which doesn’t narrow it down a lot, as there are about 8 of them…Better go and look now.

Think it’s mac cheese for dinner so nothing grand there…No one could be bothered today! Been pretty warm here again…well for Scotland in May.