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Apologies, I’m a tad late. :thinking:
Trying Eddystone point pinot noir 2013. It’s A screw cap and still very young in character. Have opened and poured so as not to delay things further. No idea what I paid but this is a nice new world pinot that won’t change your life but will accessorize it. Nice warm cherry smell follows through to the palate. Restrained cherry-coke, a little bit of accompanying acidity. Not complicated but enjoyable. I’d buy it again .


Cork of the North in Costa del Sale, Manchester. Staff are really friendly, but being what it is, it’s pricey. A pay day visit rather then regular source.
How much did you pay? Just looked it up. They stock Lion heart of the Barossa for 16 quid. Was that your one?

Hmmm, is it Greek, English or Hungarian by any chance?

To assign a single number score for someone else’s benefit (as in a wine critic writing) is unrealistic. Not least because the audience’s taste buds are different and may be ‘more sophisticated’ or ‘less sophisticated’ eg. would young babies like bitter beer you think.?
However I do score wines (and have done so for years) but with a combination of 2 numbers and it is purely for my benefit. The first score out of 10 for pure personal enjoyment degree, and a second number out of 5 for value for money (taking into consideration the general ball-park price for that category of wine). 3/5 is fair to good value, 4/5 definitely buy again, 2/5 poor value and 1/5 I would consider taking it back to the shop to complain!
It has proved useful over the years as a summary to my more descriptive notes on each and useful as a quick decision reference when a merchant wine sale comes up!
@Embee @Aspedini


Canberra is a weird place isn’t it! It all felt fairly familiar to us as we lived in Milton Keynes for a long while. The layout of the city, grid system roads and right down to the lake - it’s as if the MK design team just took the Canberra city plan and overlaid it onto a swathe of north Buckinghamshire. We have family that live in Canberra so have visited it a few times over the years. A great place to get around by bike, just like MK! But a city built around servicing the federal parliament and embassies and very little else is very odd indeed.

Having dissed Clonakilla for its pretentiousness, I confess I do like their wines but really the prices are outrageous in comparison to what they were. A good example of supply and demand. The wines we really enjoyed, including the very friendly down to earth cellar door visit, was Helm Wines for their Rieslings and mature Cabernet Sauvignons. The former were very fine indeed and the Cabs very enjoyable. They explained that they only release their Cabs when they feel they are ready to drink, so they already were a few years in the bottle. Did you try Helm wines at all? Be interested to know what you thought.


LOL ! If the website I’ve just been looking is the right one then that’s a challenge I’m prepared to take on, thanks for the motivation. The cheese and charcuterie sounds great. I see there’s a café too so I could even refuel in style, perfect.

Sorry to read that you couldn’t make it yesterday. Fingers crossed you’ll have better luck next time.

That’s the same approach I take and it works well for me too. Not that I ignore scores from the critics but I do tend to take them with a pinch of salt. Especially if they’re from a barrel sample or from a wine that’s only just been bottled.

I couldn’t agree more.

Has been great to go back and read through this. Your Kalimna and my Marananga sound like opposite ends of the spectrum. :+1: