LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Australian Opulence, Thursday 21st May, just after 8-9pm

Penfolds 2010 Bin 169

Probably 8.5/10, for me. Really lovely, smooth and polished but doesn’t have the factor X that my absolute faves - nebbiolo, sangiovese and riesling - can conjure up. Really glad to have tried it but, at that price, probably not one I’ll get again.

Slightly to my surprise, the wine of the month so far has been Nadia Curto’s 2014 Arborina Barolo which, after a few ‘ok’ bottles has turned a corner into wonderfulness. It was as though someone had flicked a switch and brought out a whole new layer of flavour. Also, I feel hugely biased after reading her lovely message to the Society.


If you must know, salt and black pepper crackers!

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this Peter Lehman Black Queen Barossa Shiraz…

DOH: I should have said that this wine had age: 2013!!

Campbell’s Rutherglen Durif 2015
Score 7/10. Well made, but wouldn’t be my first choice to drink. Interesting to try a new grape.

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However you like! :smiley: Feel free to do either - I tend to just go with my heart based on how I found the wine on the night, in terms of enjoyment. :slight_smile:

Pure luck really. Great to hear your Bin 28 is in a good place. Once again, I’ve a six pack of the very same in reserves and was wondering when to pull it so your notes are much appreciated, Cheers !

Edit - I’m not scoring, the best criteria for me is would I buy it again, the answer, without any hesitation whatsoever. It’s a terrific wine for £14.50 and the food pairing is as good as any I’ve enjoyed recently chez moi. Can’t say more really !


Absolutely agree…


Generally I rate on the questions do I like and would I buy again?


Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2010

I’ll go with a solid 8/10 for this. Very good and nice with a lot to give, but feel I’ve had better bottles of this wine. However, I haven’t tried it for a few years and maybe my tastes are just changing.


Thank you so much for coming along, everyone! I really enjoyed tonight - some very different experiences at both ends of the scale! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Next week, it’s all about ‘weird’ wines - wines from unusual grapes, styles, regions - so find your wackiest bottle and get exploring!

Thanks so much also to our Australia buyer @Freddy for joining us.

Cheers to you all - and stay safe!


No problem, it is very good and in a good spot, however would expect it to improve over the next couple of years I think (and it will likely live for another 10+ based on other vintages I’ve had. It is soft and very approachable for sure and will be great with any red meat you can chuck at it.


Thank you for hosting the tasting. Great fun!

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Now that’s interesting as I now favour Spanish wines when previously it was French.



Many thanks: another great tasting event…take care

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Yalumba FDR1A 2013

At the moment, a 7/10. Would love to try it in a few years time.

Cheers from us…


Perhaps a little difficult to separate especially if you have an expensive wine that doesn’t live up to expectations.

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Thank you @Kelly and @Laura as always! Great to chat with you all.
Until next week!!


:musical_score: Goodnight, sweethearts
from Team Society :slight_smile:


Thanks all for joining and (virtually) sharing your wines! Hope to see you (virtually) next week!