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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Australian Opulence, Thursday 21st May, just after 8-9pm

London hasn’t been cool for years … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Been to Hunter, McLaren Vale, Yarra, Canberra. McLaren Vale for pure enjoyment, setting ( who wouldn’t want to cycle the Shiraz trail!) and diversity of wines. Canberra is really interesting- stinking hot summers but seriously cold winters. Marked down for pretentiousness of some of the wineries (yes I’m talking about you Clonakilla) but some other wineries making decent wines.


Visited several a few years ago. At one, when I showed them that I could buy their wine cheaper from the Wine Society than at the cellar door, they gave me the bottle for nothing!


Yes, never had that before!

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Oh, sounds delicious - especially all the sweet spice! Sounds like a lot of bang for your buck. Haven’t tried this and I think I’ll get a bottle on our next order. :smiley:

Speaking of which, shall we all give our wines a mark out of 10, everyone?

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Penfolds RWT Barossa Valley Shiraz 2005

This is a lovely bouncy shiraz, dark and brooding in the glass with lots of succulent plums, blueberries, toasted coconut, a thick seam of spice and a faint trace of something medicinal. Like a manly woody aftershave, I want to splash it all over my face. Brute (sic) RWT.

Necking it instead, it’s creamy delicious, lip smackingly good, with all the good aromatics amped up - the leisurely enjoyment of which is soured only by my daughter continuing to thump about upstairs when she should be in bed fast asleep!!! Reminding me of a bedtime story by Adam Mansbach, read out by Samuel L Jackson.

This is a perfect anaesthetic though. Lalalalalalalalalala…


Necking Penfolds. That’s the dream!


2008 Henschke Abbots Prayer Cabernet/Merlot



Interesting to hear your views of Canberra. I found it to be a really bizarre place! It was like a ghost town when I was there and perhaps we were unlucky on the trip but the Clonakilla wines stood out head and shoulders above anything else we tried from the region. It was a very surreal couple of days but it’s where I discovered “feed me” dining and had some of the best Asian fusion food I have ever tasted!!

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Vasse Felix Filius: 7 out 10
Ian Botham: 1 out 10 (we’ll see what it’s like on Saturday - we’ve got 2012 Bollinger tomorrow)


The Other Wine Co Shiraz 2015

With spare ribs ( spice rubbed but no glaze ). A brilliant combo, the spicy pork only seems to enhance the wines flavour. I’ve struck lucky tonight !


You need to get out more! Bet this is killing you now being almost trapped?


Mac Forbes Spring Riesling 2019 - 8/10 with food, 6/10 without

Wirra Wirra Vintage Bell Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 - 6/10 without food, potentially a lot higher with!


That’s amazing! hahaha I wonder who that was!

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Yep, I think that wins tasting note of the night! :laughing: Superb! And I know precisely the bedtime story you mean… :wink:


Paringa Estate Shiraz 2013 - cool, refined, oak still to the fore - like a serious Saint-Joesph. Espresso coffee, cherries. chilli spice and cigar box. Delicious and opening up beautifully 30 mins after having been poured. 8.5/10


Sounds like a fantastic combo!

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this Peter Lehman Black Queen Barossa Shiraz…

Oh, Oh…I’m in trouble…the house verdict would be 2, at most, I reckon…

But I like to think I can get enjoyment from any wine (more or less) - ask Chris250…

I am SO intrigued by this wine, which has challenged me - in a nice way…I’ll say…6.5 for taste and 8 for bewilderment and intrigue…

if this event hadn’t come up, I wouldn’t have tried this wine…so: MANY THANKS


I’d be intrigued to try it.