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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste - A tasting of two new Greek wines, Thurs 21st Jan 8-9pm

Loud and proud, time to go pro !

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I suspect it’s been pulled for a future offer. Must confess I didn’t look at my basket yesterday or today, but I’d be very surprised if nearly 300 cases disappeared in that time.

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Either that or there were hundreds of lurkers who liked the sound of it !

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It’s a real shame if it has sold through. It’s been in my eto since Thursday, having another glass tonight and it’s drinking beautifully, softened out a touch, without losing any of its charm.


I’m not sure how I feel about that.

For a Co-operative, run for the benefit of the Members, to pull a wine for a future offer sounds… Bizarre.

Equally, to hype up a tasting for a wine you don’t have any stock of also sounds… Bizarre.

Either way, I’ve really enjoyed this topic and the tasting of both wines but please, there’s honestly no point putting all this time and energy into a community tasting if 48 hours after the tasting the wines we’ve tasted are no longer availible for purchase. Either by shortage of stock or corporate choices.

Please, for future tastings please select wines which are honestly likely going to be availible to buy after the tasting has finished. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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I thought the same when I finished mine on Friday. Soft and savoury and cracking value for a £10 wine. I logged in to put it back on the wish list for my next order but was shocked to find it gone. Hopefully it will make a reappearance at some point or the 2020, if it’s of similar quality, will be listed later in the year.

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A PSA, the red is back in stock.

If the WS listened to my whining then thank you very much, I’ve just ordered a couple of cases. Over 200 in stock at the time of writing but it could be that they are withdrawn at some point so if you liked it I’d get your skates on now.


I have not participated in this tasting, but having read the notes and having tried the 2020 vintage of the red, it is every bit as good as the 2019.


Thanks for the reassurance. Must admit I did wonder, but having bought my dad both vintages and he is still frequently demanding the re-buy, I wasn’t too concerned.