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Lions Tour to South Africa 2021

Given three positive Covid tests within the Springboks squad, and a 3rd wave running rampant across the country, I do wonder if the Tour will take survive. :cry: :dragon:

Only(?) way is to play in empty stadiums and absolute squeaky clean bio secure bubbles for everyone involved and no escape parties a la 3 Sri Lankan’s. No crowd does mean a complete lack of atmosphere as has been shown in the UK sports these past 15 months or so.

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For me, being in the crowd is such a buzz.
But it will be, the best that they can make it.
I feel so sorry for Warren Gatland who has put so much into making the Tour a success!! :dragon:

:grinning: :grinning: :wink: :dragon:

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And off we go for the 3rd time!! :pray: :dragon:

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I’m sure it won’t last, so here’s a screenshot. Can’t blame their fans for being very pleased with his record and doing a cheeky edit…


Looks like it’s been fixed now.


Wonder if we should have played Finn Russell earlier?
We will never know :cry::cry::thinking::thinking: