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Lighter reds


As I get older [I’m late 60s] I find that I prefer much lighter reds than when I was younger, and am wondering whether anyone else feels the same.
Currently I’m enjoying Peltier Ranch Lodi Pinot Noir 2016 [though I preferred the 2015], The Society’s Côtes-du-Rhône 2016 , Gamay, Jacques Dépagneux, Vin de France 2016, Domaine Laborie, Pays d’Oc 2016 and I enjoyed the recent WWF Le Petit Cousin Cabernet Franc, though it must have been a limited supply as it’s not listed. In the past I have also enjoyed Percheron Old Vine Cinsault, Western Cape 2013 though the Society hasn’t bought later vintages.
Does anyone have any further recommendations? Sub £10, please! Sub £8 even better.


See my post of 19 days ago on Alcohol tolerance.


You might like this


This Marcillac was great, and easy on the palate:

As was this Nerello Mascalese

And this is a little over your stated budget, but utterly quaffable

Enjoy! :+1:


A bit over your budget, but seeing as I’m bad at following instructions, I thought I’d suggest this:

I’m currently drinking the 2015 and it is everything I want from a light juicy red!


Loire Bourgeuil and St Nicolas de Bourgeuil tend to be a little lighter… worth a try :wink:


This is light and lovely.

A bit more expensive but this is really delicious:


Not sure it’s the alcohol level that’s the problem, Steve. I think it’s more the level of tannin, though I lack the technical knowledge to be absolutely certain.


Thanks for the suggestion. Will give it a try next time I’m ordering


This is a lovely alternative to the Lodi PN:


Thanks, Nick. I’ll try the Anjou Rouge next time I’m putting in an order.


@crct [quote=“crct, post:1, topic:2201”]
Currently I’m enjoying Peltier Ranch Lodi Pinot Noir

Can I ask what you think of this ? I’ve been wondering if it’s a wine I would like, I’m put off by the fact it’s from Lodi and potentially will taste of stewed jam ? I tend to really enjoy cool climate Pinot Noirs and have tasted some for the Languedoc which just tasted of Jam. How is this wine for you ??


I was surprised to see it in a WWF case, but we al enjoyed it - esp my son who is a great Pinot Noir enthusiast. I don’t recall any taste of stewed jam!


Good to know , thanks :+1:


Thanks, Bob. Will include a few bottles in my next order.


I believe this one is a favourite of TWS members. Very good for the money and I didn’t find it too heavy

This is nice, light and crisp as well:


Thanks: have added to my wish list to try next time I’m ordering.