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Lighter mid-priced reds

Hi all

My wife and I opened a Cahors last weekend (Clos de la Coutale), which didn’t go down particularly well, and afterwards she asked me to restock with some lighter-bodied reds. I’m looking for recommendations in the £10-20 range please, ready to drink now. If there’s anything as good out there as Thymiopoulos, please shout!

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My wishlist has this candidate - anyone tried?


Here are some recent favourites…

Shame the Mencia is now out of stock - that was another delicious one.


Thanks! I’ve not tried Mencia at all actually…

You should definitely give it a go! The best one I recently tried (in Galicia) was 2016 Petalos from Rafael Palacios. A smashing wine! :+1:

A couple more come to mind…




Would be cabernet franc for me - loire especially and particularly Chinon or Bourgueil

Other option - for imbibing with food - would be decent Chianti or Valpolicella

The Wassmer Spatburgunder is lovely. This is also worth a go:


Second the Marcillac, the Moric and the Wassmer.

The Pétalos 2016 is an excellent wine but I definitely would not describe it as “light”. Ribeira Sacra mencía normally is, but the wines from the Bierzo are medium at least - very different climate!

It’s a pity TWS doesn’t have more of these wines. I’m forced to buy them (Cerasuolo di Vittoria and other Sicilians, Italian alpine reds, other wines from NW Spain…) from the EU - sadly an avenue that probably isn’t going to be open to us for much longer :slightly_frowning_face:

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Oh, it’s not light for sure, but the request was for ‘lighter’, which - compared to the Cahors mentioned- is definitely the case! :slight_smile:

Seems anything is possible in this Banana Republic we call a home at the moment!


Yes, that’s right, we have plenty of Pinot, Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo and want to branch out, but needn’t go straight to Fleurie (indeed Gamay is probably the only grape I usually don’t really like). I love Chianti but I think that’s probably also too full-boded for what she is after in this case. Good to hear there is a decent Etna in this price range!

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And also I really like Faugeres but haven’t tried any TWS ones, Katie Jones does a lovely one, full of sunshine and figs.
I would second @suiko suggestion of Ribera Sacra Mencia, really nice stuff if you can get your hands on it.
You may also like to try something like a bonardo, which again TWS don’t seem to have any in stock, but a mid weight wine and softer sister to Malbec.

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You should not miss out some Beaujolais Villages and any cru described as lighter !! My pick would Domaine des Josephins Beaujolais 2018…

In addition to the great value Spatburgunder from Wassmer this one from Germany is also well worth a try too…

…as is this, despite the grapes somewhat lowly reputation…

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Thanks for all the further recommendations!

Love Wassmer wine, very good pinot for the money

Drink a lot of gamay. Lots of value to be had. These Fleuries are both lovely. More structure and black fruit with the Beauregard and silky red fruit with the Exhibition.


Also this…
Light, easy sipping kind of wine :yum:

Slightly over your price point, but really lovely.


I’ve also heard good things about this, and it’s great value

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