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Lidl wine tasting in the dark


This looks a very interesting event for a small fee if anyone is close to any of the venues. I’m quite tempted to pop in after work.


How curious. I’m in an all afternoon patch meeting I fear will descend into drinks, but this looks like an interesting diversion


London, Manchester and Glasgow? Hardly nationwide as advertised :rofl::rofl:! Let us know if you do attend … sounds interesting :+1:.


Could have been interesting but all the tickets are sold out (with the exception of 9-10pm on Sunday 24th November in Glasgow)
It will be interesting to hear from anyone who has already procured a ticket who attends one of these events.


Ah, so I won’t be popping in then. Too slow.



It sounds like an interesting experience overall. But of course there are much easier ways of tasting wine without seeing the labels - and black glasses and blindfolds if you do not want to see the wine itself.


We taste blind in a group every month.
It’s a shame the tasters in some of these large prestigious medal competitions get so much help before tasting their allotted groups.
The main problem that I have found with Lidl wines is availability. Their most recent wine re-launch always ended up with empty shelves for three of the four weeks of each campaign in our local store, which is a large one too!


I’ve got 2 tickets for the last Glasgow tasting - I’ll report back on how it goes