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Lidl wine tasting in the dark


This looks a very interesting event for a small fee if anyone is close to any of the venues. I’m quite tempted to pop in after work.


How curious. I’m in an all afternoon patch meeting I fear will descend into drinks, but this looks like an interesting diversion


London, Manchester and Glasgow? Hardly nationwide as advertised :rofl::rofl:! Let us know if you do attend … sounds interesting :+1:.


Could have been interesting but all the tickets are sold out (with the exception of 9-10pm on Sunday 24th November in Glasgow)
It will be interesting to hear from anyone who has already procured a ticket who attends one of these events.


Ah, so I won’t be popping in then. Too slow.



It sounds like an interesting experience overall. But of course there are much easier ways of tasting wine without seeing the labels - and black glasses and blindfolds if you do not want to see the wine itself.


We taste blind in a group every month.
It’s a shame the tasters in some of these large prestigious medal competitions get so much help before tasting their allotted groups.
The main problem that I have found with Lidl wines is availability. Their most recent wine re-launch always ended up with empty shelves for three of the four weeks of each campaign in our local store, which is a large one too!


I’ve got 2 tickets for the last Glasgow tasting - I’ll report back on how it goes


the tasting was just about as jolly as an event can be on a damp Sunday in Glasgow. The venue in the Arches under Central Station has, unfortunately, terrible acoustics so I did spend a fair amount of time shouting at my friend “What about the second from left!!!” as, it being Glasgow, there was a fair amount of lairiness going on. It was completely in the dark (four of us at a table with eight glasses of wine in front of us) which meant you couldn’t see anyone else’s reactions. We started with 4 sparkling wines (Champagne, Cremant de Loire, Prosecco and Cava) with the Champagne and then Cava preferred by most folk (including me). We then had 4 red wines - all under £7: Chianti Riserva and Barossa Valley Shiraz … and another two that I can’t remember! The red wines were all really cold so we couldn’t smell or taste much beyond tannins but neither of us (and not many in the crowd) liked the Chianti. It was a fun event but didn’t leave me any wiser.


Sounds par for the course for Lidl. There is a big wannabe element to their wine offer not backed up by substance sadly.


Pity. Interesting idea, but no point wasting all that effort and resources to taste shite wine.