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Lidl wine 25% off


Has anyone seen the 25% off at Lidl?

Are there any good buys at the moment or just offloading there usual stuff?



There is a St-Emilion Grand Cru 2016 from the St-Emilion co-operative (good quality wines) at £10.95 and a Macon Villages 2018 at £6.99 which are reasonable weekday wines at minus 25%.


This one’s is also a cracker (though not sure if it’s part of the deal?):

Excellent value for money! :+1:


Excellent heads up, thanks. Might make my way there this weekend actually.

My wine budget for the month has been substantially reduced on account of a particularly “successful” Bordeaux EP allocation by TWS :joy:


It really is a lovely summer red. :heart_eyes:

Here’s the Decanter review.


Thanks for the tip, just got some and with 25% off as well!


Went to one of the Lidls in Hull today, they pretty much had all the recommended wines from Decanter available, and at 25% off. https://www.decanter.com/decanter-best/best-lidl-wines-331843/


So this offer happened on the day they had random bottles of Pape clement 2013 £19…99 and Potensac 2013 £12.99, so with the 25% off as well obviously I stocked right up. Exeter Lidl if anyone is keen


The Pape Clement is amazing value at 19.99, so even better at 25% off!


6 bottles, £30. Mostly Decanter recs. Quaffers sorted for the month, thanks for the links!


None of these in Hull, unfortunately…


Wasn’t Exeter the branch that initially had this wine in Lidl (edit… actually just searched for it and it was the Boyd Cantenac and Clos du Marquis), which started a countrywide search? They must be blessed down there if it was, as my store never had anything let alone on two separate occasions.


Damn, we didn’t enjoy that @ Lidl Clapham… Good for you :slight_smile:


Drank both the Potensac and the Clement over the last week. Should have bought more of the Clement - very nice indeed. Both of 'em are well worth it though!


Went to my nearest Lidl today…… nothing nothing as always :roll_eyes:


Popped into my local Lidl today and, shock horror, they had Wine Tour wines, though not the Pape Clement or the Potensac mentioned above :frowning: . Still I did pick up a couple each of the Julienas and the Graciano Rioja. So I’m moderately happy!


Grabbed a single bottle of the Potensac in Yeovil today - if I like it I’ll go back for the rest (if they’re still there). I try not to get too pernickety about vintages but I do feel like I can’t really buy a whole bunch of mid-priced 2013 claret blind.


Working in north west, dropped in to Lidl Chorley (near Preston, to you Southern folk) - picked two each of the St Emilion Grand Cru, Rasteau 2015, Chenin blanc Paarl for the princely sum of £36 ish total. Blimey, they were well priced BEFORE the 25% discount.

The Rasteau 2015 ‘Domaine de la combe Dieu’ is graced with 90 Parker points - and although the label gives little away regarding grapes it is apparently ‘chalereux’ - and goes well with ‘volailles roties et les daubes’. So tonight being midweek - roast chicken with herb butter, new potatoes & green salad.

With discount its around £8.25 - and quite frankly tasted blind I would guess a ticket 2 or 3 times that. Velvety rich with a touch of ripe black figs, a slight tannic edge from the skin. Remarkable.