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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Nothing in Wimbledon except GG syrah


Well, hit me on the head with a mallet, but the other half said I would be crazy not to drive to Shoreham and get some!
I can’t predict him anymore…! :thinking:


It’s always important to keep the other half guessing. :ok_hand:


Don’t you let go of him…!


It certainly is as good a basis as any for keeping a marriage going! :wink:


That is the shop by the race track, right? Funnily their HQ is also here in Wimbledon, should I pop in and tell them something @Leah?


Is that called sarcasm? A very English trait…


Yes. I’ve clearly lived here for too long. In the absence of wit, I go for sarcasm.


Yes that’s the one


Okay, I am sorry


What for, @szaki1974…?


Made a rare excursion to my local Lidl as I was passing on way home to pick up a couple of things for dinner and cast a quick eye over the wine. Sadly the clarets referred to above had not made it to our local store in Kilmarnock (I wasn’t holding my breath!) though they did have the St Emilion and bizarrely they had about five cases of half bottles of Tokaij at £7.99 a pop. Us Scots are reputed to have a sweet tooth, but it did seem unusual…


I hear you mix your Sauternes with Irn Bru up there…


Steady…I was waiting for a deep fried Mars Bar joke too…which might need something even sweeter than this!

I am now tempted to go back in next week and see if it’s all gone - or whether they are waiting for the Climens coming in…


As I am sure you will have deduced from my real name I am of half-Scottish ancestry. Although born in England, I worked for half my life in Scotland, and this all reminds me of when we, newly married, were looking for somewhere to live for my new job in Scotland. It was getting dark, and spotting a chippie in the town of Alva (Clackmannanshire) we stopped off for a quick bite.

The biggest mistake of my life - spotting some pizzas in cellophane wrapping, I ordered a pizza and chips. “Certainly” replied the proprietor, unwrapping one, dropping it into the batter then straight into the deep-frier.

Do not make this mistake! But if you are looking for a deep-fried Mars Bar, I recommend the chippie half way along the front at Bondi Beach.


I should also declare an interest - my mother is a proud Dundonian and I grew up with Oor Wullie and The Broons.


But was it a deep fried Haggis pizza? When I lived in Leith this was my local chippies specialty :rofl:


Bleurgh! No, mine was 100% authentic Italian (i.e. a steamrollered disc of unrisen bread coated in tomato paste with grated cheddar.)


What’s the mortality rate in Scotland, I wonder??! :scream:


Depends where you live…beware of generalisations.

In greater Glasgow you can go from life expectancy of high 50s/ low 60s to high 80s (as good as anywhere in the UK) in the space of 2 miles. Springburn to Bearsden.

I have come across haggis and pizza in the chippy but not together Leah…! I stick to haddock and chips myself…