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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


I am a bit of a hypocrite because I did get some Pape Clement from a kind person from London. I did have to pay £12 nearly for postage though.

It would be nice however to have the opportunity to buy some yourself


Perhaps we should buy a caseload to share with our friends in the North (@Leah??), who seem to have no luck with Lidl’s better selection…! :grin:


Right! That’s it, I’m now going to tweet them, maybe more effect than an email…:wink:


Go go go @Leah! I’m right behind you! (344 miles behind - but with you in spirit!!). Maybe a mass tweet action will get them to listen…?!


Done…!! Now if you all could retweet we may get an answer :wink::wink:


Good tweet Leah but what about the NW too?


Missing in Bristol too (South East bias!!)


… and Birmingham.


How about EVERYONE tweets them asking why those wines are not being sold in these places?or Retweet mine while adding your location? Lets see if they tweet back.


I actually think it’s all abit random I’m not sure if there is actually a south east bias although there could be a London bias, wasn’t Exeter the hotspot for clos de marquis and cantenac in May? The thing is with London there is an amazing concentration of stores, you can walk for a couple of miles and pass three or four stores, in maybe one of them you’ll hit the jackpot the others you’ll draw a blank, in Brighton I have never ever seen one of these wines in store, also know that Maidstone stores never get any.


These wines never seem to put in an appearance in the East Midlands either… I’ve dropped in to several branches in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and come up with a complete blank…


I’m sure their supply teams are WELL aware.


I’m sorry if I upset any south-east bias theories but I can’t help feeling that when Lidl gets hold of a limited quantity of some decent wine it probably tries to sell it as quickly as possible while keeping distribution costs to the minimum.
I suppose most of it comes into Dover or Folkestone and therefore gets sold in the south-east without too much difficulty or extra costs involved. That seems to me the probable explanation.
In practical terms it doesn’t help anyone further from the Channel but I doubt if there’s any deliberate bias or more sinister motive involved. This is purely my speculation as I have no idea how they actually work.


Lidl has distribution centres all over the country. Since the quantities involved are small there would be no cost in adding the ‘fine wine’ cases to wine already going to those centres - but I don’t how they work either.


They could of course create a website where you could buy things. Then they can put them on there like TWS does with limited wine, and then all we would have to complain about is that we didn’t get to hear about it before it all sold out- no email etc.

Don’t get me wrong I would probably be the first to comment


There’s probably a secret list of favoured shops that pay a little backhander for this service. Those in the know are just boasting and not letting on​:wink::wink:

And FYI the Eastleigh shop nearest to me is NOT on the list :frowning:


No Lidl shops anywhere near me, an Aldi store is near me though, guess they might follow suit with higher end wines.


Not ‘higher end’, but Aldi’s Albarino is reliable.


Their Gavi, Clare Valley Riesling and Aussie Shiraz are also all good - all in their ‘Exquisite Collection’. As @SPmember says, they’re not high end, but good value and reliable.

They don’t tend to get in ridiculous value higher end wines in the way that Lidl do, or at least not with the same regularity, but their standard range is pretty good.


I would also add (as so many before me had done) that their Crémant du Jura offers fantastic value for money - a sparkling we often go back to.