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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Re the Pape Clement, yes it was the first wine, even though the 2013 vintage it appears to have been universally well reviewed so a steal for the price. The offer seems to be focused in south London/Kent judging from the searches of the wine pages forum members. The wines appeared the beginning of last week without any fanfare or even any prices marked up, there may be some left. I picked up some in south london, a friend got some in Sevenoaks. There was never any in Brighton.

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I have made the same point on another forum it is so S.E. Focused like most things and the further North you go the less likely you are to find any. About four new ones mentioned on the same forum just appeared in same area.

It might seem a bit mean spirited but it seems the people most likely to be able to afford these full price are the ones getting the best discounts.


Well, as luck would have it - there were still a few bottles of the Gimblett Gravels Syrah left in the Brighton Lidl - so two of them ended in the basket!
Also spotted the Gal Tibor Titi Bikaver, which was mentioned here before, so in the basket it went too.
So much more exciting than Olive oil and mushrooms! :grin:


These flew into my basket yesterday


I spotted the Marquis de Terme in my local Lidl last week but couldn’t spot a price so left it on the shelf. Was it pricey?


The Marquis de Terme was being sold for £14.99, there doesn’t seem to be any logic or strategy to when and where these great offers are. I’ve tried email Lidl a few times to get an insight but never received a reply


Hi @Bargainbob as @Fraserbear says both the Margaux were 14.99. None of which were advertised as this. The guy on the till was interested that there was wine for this price so I suggested that he should try one as they’re underpriced. He informed me that there was more out the back and I would have been tempted to buy more but all my wine racks are full and I need to buy less wine.


Was this the Kemptown Lidl, @Bargainbob? I’d love to get my hands on some, but was there yesterday and other than a St Emilion Grand Cru couldn’t see any. Sounds like quite a deal! :star_struck:


I’m afraid not @Inbar - it was over in Shoreham. They had a few other interesting bits and pieces in store, but it was the Bordeaux that caught the eye. I think I am just seduced by the words ‘Grand Cru Classé’ when they appear on a bottle…


Ah! thanks for clarifying. I’m unlikely to get to Shoreham any time soon. I think the other half might think I finally lost my mind if I went to Lidl in Shoreham just for the sake of some bottles of Bordeaux… :crazy_face:


There were 6 bottles left as of lunchtime today in shoreham, they also have a ton of 2013 chateau la Couspoude which is a Saint Emilion grand cru I’ve not come across before at £19.99 seems about half market price


Oh dear. I was thinking to myself earlier that I have a gap in my collection for decent St Emilion. I had no plans to spend much more on wine this month, but I think this might be too good to miss. What a pricey hobby this is…


I just about managed to resist the Saint Emilion but only because I’ve bought so much wine recently you have to stop somewhere! Sure I’ll regret it. Bought a few of the Marquis though, thought the days of classified growth bordeaux for £15 had long gone, absent any future Lidl offers, it won’t happen again.


Hmmm. These may well be fine, but I would still advise against bulk buying before you have tried one. As already pointed out, they are 2013s which was probably the weakest year of the decade.

The word seems to be that it may well be unsaleable stock that has been sitting unsold in Bordeaux at the asked-for price. Which isn’t really a comment on anything beyond the obvious inference that the original asking price was unrealistic.


I do agree to some caution as to the vintage, I wouldn’t interpret Lidl’s pricing as necessarily being just about a weak vintage, they were selling 2003 and 2011 claret vintages in early summer similarly priced and although not stellar years they are far from poor. Whilst I’ve not tasted the marquis de Terme 2013 I have tasted Tesco’s finest margaux 2013 and at £19.99 it was fine, I’m confident the marquis de Terme will be better!


No disagreement, @KLJB - it was really just a warning before everyone rushes out to buy a caseload!


There has been a glut of Bordeaux being held by Chateau and merchants, as for 2011, this explains the problem for that year and the others.


What a terrible problem to have - how many bottles to buy or not. Try having to drive 200 odd miles to find a Lidl that is even selling these bloody bargains.


Ay, there’s the rub. Not seen any in mine yet and I’m a breathless 50-odd miles from Londinium.


Interesting about the 2011s. Xmas before last Aldi had Château Saint-Pierre 2011 for £19.99. I ordered a case which came in Château branded cardboard boxes of 6 rather than a wooden case which I thought odd at the time.