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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Any more food recommendations apart from grilled sausages? I have a bottle in my Eurocave awaiting action.



I’ve had a few excellent wines from Lidl over the last few years.

Chevalier de Lascombes- £10 (discounted) - I bought 3 they were fantastic then visited about 5 other Lidls trying to find some more.

Premier Cru Champagne at about £14 (discounted- not the regular price) also excellent, quite like Bollinger.

This week Chateau Potensac 2013 (not a great year) but at £12.99 the bottle very good value so I bought 5 bottles.

Some have mentioned the Gimblett Gravels wines. There are two- a Pinot Noir at £8-9 and a Syrah at a little more. Both are extremely fruit driven wines and I thought the Syrah was very good value. The PN I was a little disappointed with- there was nothing wrong with it, it was very fruity- cherries and all the other PN fruit flavours but without any other complexity or depth. But at £8 I wasn’t expecting the equivalent of a £30 Gevrey Chambertin!

They occasionally have Pedro Ximinez sherry- which makes for fabulous beef gravy (can’t remember the price- but basically very good value if you want it for gravy and worth drinking by itself).

Chateau Cantemerle- for much less than usual also a steal.

Other wines worth trying: St Emilion Grand Cru- about £11, I 've also had some very good value Alsace Gewurztraminer and Albarinio.

Oh and there is often very good weissbier.


I can’t believe no one has mentioned the current raft of Clarets being found at the moment. Following Clos du Marquis and Boyd, the last are in addition to Potensac - Marquis de Terme £14.99, Dauzac £5.99 and Pape Clement for £20 although one lucky sod got four bottles at £12.99.

Needless to say none in my store except Potensac.


When it says potensac is it a sort of specially for Lidl second wine, or is it the main chateau cuvee?


I’m no expert but I am pretty sure it’s the Château wine.


They are all 2013s though.


Luckily I don’t really get on with claret, especially so from a green vintage. However, nothing remotely like these appears in my local Lidl. There a new one opening this week not 1/2 mile from where I seat (at work–Ha), maybe there saving all the good stuff for the new store opening.


@Russ, I have the exact same problem. My local Lidl ahs a shocking supply and to be honest I never find anything decent anymore there. I think they are being more selective about where they are putting certain stock.


Was that the first wine of Pape -Clement as the average retail price for the grand cru even the '13 is around £80 ? In the same way as Clos de Marquis is the second wine of Leoville Las-Cases.


The members of wine-Pages forum (hope I can mention them without punishment) seem to think so.

I will be in a better place to judge soon as one of the successful members is sending me the odd bottle.


Recently had the Gimblett gravels Syrah - At £10 it was absolutely sensational wine for the money. Wonderful rounded peppery fruit character, oaked for bringing it all together but not slapstick.

I also had the £4 priorat which was dire, so swings and roundabouts :joy:


Looks like yet another trip to Lidl has to happen! I saw the Syrah last time I went in, but was so lured by the Hungarian and Austrian stuff, I didn’t pay attention. I wonder if there’s any left in my local(ish) one…


Of course! There is no limit (within reason) to what can be discussed here if it is relevant to members … as an example, you are posting in a thread about buying wine in Lidl!!

Our only stipulation is to stick to the Community Guidelines - in this case Section 6 :slight_smile:


Haha yes! There are often months of poor wine then suddenly i’m like a kid in a sweet shop!

As @robert_mcintosh mentions, i’m sure TWS are not considering Lidl as a serious threat to their business model. Just buy lovely stuff from both! :slight_smile:


We’re everwhere Mark.not even in disguise :sunglasses:


Or in the case of Lidl, enter the lottery!!


Well with everyone going to Lidl a song is called for…


Haha 12 clicks on “community guidelines” :+1:


I popped into Lidl on Sunday, and picked up a bottle of Barolo for £9.99, and a Bardolino for £5. Now I couldn’t tell you this was the best Barolo I’ve ever tasted, and the Bardolino was clearly not Le Fraghe, but they were both pretty good for the price. It was definitely a Barolo for starters, with the trademark perfumed nose, hints of leather etc. Very drinkable, if a little short and not quite as smooth as others I’ve tried. The Bardolino is light and fruity, and good chilled - a decent midweek tipple.


There are definitely bargains to be had! The St. Laurent we had recently from there was very good for the price too - with good nose of cherries and spice, nice texture and a refreshing acidity (which I very much like in the Austrian reds). Not bad at all for £7.99… and a grape that isn’t easy to find in the UK in general.