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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Couple Hungarian wines in my local Lidl, one a Kadarka. Unfortunately no room at home to take advantage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That Kadarka is from where I am from and where my parents still live. A very good winery, Eszterbauer. What is the Gal Tibor wine? Cannot really read it, should also be good. May need to go to Lidl.


On account of @szaki1974 quite unfair twisting of my arm, I have found space in my flat


@danchaq I am drinking this Juhfark this afternoon. It’s even 28C up here in Aberdeen and the wine is going down well. Even the hover flies and wasps have ruined a couple of glasses.:+1:
Did you not get the GV?


I am not paying your bill…


Ha you can repay by helping identify the mystery red. It’s the most expensive one too.

I’m bringing the Kadarka to a BBQ this afternoon, anf I’m going to chill it down a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Gál Tibor Egri Bikavér ‘Titi’ 2016

It is Blaufrankisch dominated blend, where Kadarka, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon also appear. More on Egri Bikavér here.

Other Egri Bikavér recently stocked by TWS were Áldás 2015 and Hangács 2013 both from the St Andea winery.

The Gál Tibor winery website is in English, too. The winery bears the founder’s name who died in 2005. His nickname was Titi (pronounce Titty), which is the short form of his first name, which comes last in Hungarian.

TWS recently stocked their Kadarka, from the same vintage as this Bikavér.


I thought I recognised the name! I’ve got that Kadarka but will brink the Lidl one to the BBQ today :wink:

Thank you for the info, definitely repaid


If ever there were a Critter wine worth buying on label alone, surely this Hungarian beauty, also in my local Lidl. . .


Yep, I’d definitely buy that on the label alone - looks like someone was on a bit of a trip while creating it…


Wow that’s like Stawberry Fields all over again…
“Let me take you down coz I’m goin’ to vineyard fields, nothin’ is real…”
Will it be, as John Lennon said of Strawberry Fields, his highest achievement as a member of the Beatles?
Not even Google could tell me the meaning of a spaceship hopping hare and a badger in the same picture. Open to suggestions…


I’ve just looked up the vineyard and seen pictures of its cellar house… the label reflects the cellar.


I think that is a raccoon… does not really solve the enigma though… browsing through the website show a strange fascination with UFO and rabbits - he has a mock bio where he insinuates he might have been brought here by a UFO. The winery is in a former quarry, where he holds a music festival, he is also known to sometimes DJ into the night.


The plot thickens!


I’ve also fallen for the space ship label (and a couple of the other Hungarians at Lidl), but has anyone actually tried the wine?


This Happened to be in Shrewsbury today…went to Lidl, a new venture with the football club…had only the Gal Tibor so got a couple. Then the fun began as all but 1 of their tills was ‘broken’, so it took 30 mins to queue. Only went in for some milk!!


I have just been gifted a bottle. There was talk of retaining it for its decorative qualities, but if and when it gets opened I shall report back.


Ok … grilled sausages and it’s somehow ended up open.

Fruity… Not sweet, not sharp, but lovely ripe fruits like pineapples and pears. Very nice drinking wine.

Keeping the bottle and label. :wink:


Thank you. I feel less guilty about buying the label.


Just polishing it off now. There’s some floral notes as well. I’d serve this to guests, hard not to like.