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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


I contacted Lidl direct about these wines and their answer was as vague as their stocking procedures

Certainly wasn’t offered any or instructed where to go to find them.


Lidl are really understaffed and the shops are a mess, but that’s how they offer such low prices. The wines are hit and miss and the distribution of the better stuff they get from time seems to be a bit random (although I may investigate the second nearest (and bigger branch when I have a day off). Have previously found Les Fiefs de Lagrange and some others at very good prices.


I only went in there earlier for eggs… other half was not amused when they cost £50! Still, I’m now sitting here smugly looking at these

…and wondering if I should forgo this year’s EP campaign and just go to Lidl several times a week instead just in case?! I could end up eating a lot of omelettes.


Right, now I know what I’m doing while the girls are at pre-school this Wednesday!


You wouldn’t go to my local lidl, they NEVER stock anything like this sadly :sob:


I take it they never got back to you about your query, @Leah??.. that’s really irritating! :angry:


I’ve just been to my local, NOTHING. Most of the fine wine bins are empty and the same shelf fillers bin is in front of it as last week.

Why do I bother.


Exactly @inbar


If you want a bargain, the WS has discounted this single bottle by £77 -

I suspect this is probably a mistake!


I suspect the previous price of £89.50 is incorrect :slight_smile:


I agree - probably a mistake that @laura might look into (cc @M1tch and @martin_brown just in case)

EDIT: looks like the case price was added as the bottle price


It sold out already… no wonder given the discount :stuck_out_tongue:

There might be bots who react to large discounts…


It’ll be the same guys that bought the Chave '15


Interesting Austrian wine reviewed by Jamie Goode:


Needless to say, not in stock in my local Lidl, North Birmingham.


Oooh! thanks for the tip! I love Austrian reds, so a good excuse to check out the Brighton Lidl… :+1:


Well, thanks again for sharing this, @Richard! Luckily my not-so-local Lidl had it in stock! Not many left, mind you, so I grabbed two and left some for @Bargainbob, should he fancy some Austrian red! :wink:
I noticed a Hungarian-theme in their ‘Summer Wine Tour’ section, so couldn’t help also grab an interesting looking 2015 Hungarian Cabernet Franc:

There was also a Hungarian version of the Grüner Veltliner grape at a very good price, and our old friend Juhfark too!
Finally, noticed an intriguing looking Gimblett Gravels Syrah - but I had to leave it to another time (should any remain, which I very much doubt!)…


Is this the Lidl on London Road? We’re heading over that side of town on Sunday so will try and swing by. Thanks for the tip @Inbar!


Is there a Lidl on London Road?! Or do you mean the Aldi on the corner?
The Lidl I went to is the Kemptown one. Currently very well stocked with their ‘Summer Wine Tour’ wines, but might be out of your way, I guess…?


No you’re absolutely right - it’s an Aldi. The Kemptown Lidl is a bit out of the way, but there’s another one a couple of miles away from us on the way into Shoreham. I’m pretty sure I can make an excuse to head in there over the weekend!


Yes, I know the one you mean! Definitely worth a visit, and hopefully as well stocked as the Kemptown one (which is a pain to get to even from my side of the tracks… :wink: )