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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Plenty of Pape Clement at Lidl Brislington for any fellow South Bristolians :slight_smile:


Sparkling Shiraz for me. AKA Barossa Berocca. Always used to perk me up Christmas morning after a heavy Christmas Eve.


Good one, hadn’t heard it called that before! Must ask my Aussie sister in law if she has heard it called that.


I love a good Sparkling Shiraz! I got one set aside for Christmas - can’t wait to try it. It’s not a Barossa one, but a De Bortoli from Heathecote (Victoria, I believe?)…


My immediate thought was olive oil… I guess mistaken for Bertolli. By the way… is TWS stocked olive oil any good?


I had it recently. Really good but bloody hard to get the Diam cork out! Very rich, full bodied and concentrated (it’s almost black in colour) with lovely Christmas cake spice. Best advice is serve between about 10-14C as you would a full bodied vintage fizz.
A personal favourite that is available on the UK market is Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz. About £20 per bottle. Had a 2012 when we were back home and it really hit the spot. Although anything drunk on holiday tends to taste better doesn’t it.


Thanks for the tip regarding serving temperature as well as the Peter Lehmann one. I shall seek it out! :+1:


Interesting fact about Heathcote - It’s pronounced Heath-cut - I kid you not.


2013 Dauzac spotted in one of the Lidl’s in Cardiff today. £14.99. In the original wooden case of 12 with a technical details leaflet from the chateau in the case. Was on the floor rather than priced on the shelves so had to ask an assistant if it was for sale and at how much.


Might trek over from Easton…cheers.


Lidl in my local Dumfries store is stocking Seaview Aussie fizz for £6.99. I used to buy this regularly from Oddbins (when it was a proper wine shop) about 25 years ago but it seemed to have disappeared off these shores. It was £5 back then. Has anyone else tried this as I’d beInterested to hear what you think?


I too used to buy and enjoyed very much. As you say, not been sighted for some time - hope it’s not back catalogue!


My local Lidl store in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire currently has some Chateau Dauzac 2013 and Marquis de Terme 2013. Bang goes my Southern-bias conspiracy theory!


Pape Clement 2013 at £20 appeared very briefly here yesterday.


To pile more scorn on that theory I also picked up a Duazac and a Marquis de Terme at the weekend.


Just been in a new Lidl in Lichfield, opened today. Nope, nothing.


Change of store…Aldi

Chateau Peymouton, St Emilion GCC. @10.99 is it worth a punt ?
I bought one, plenty left !!!


Pape clement 13 in Colchester


Picked up two of these from Chepstow Lidl this afternoon. £15 each. There was still about 9 bottles left (located with the oddments, not the rest of the wine, if anyone is going to pop in). Cheers all.


Managed to get my hands on one of these Margaux bottles today too! They were in their wooden box still, on the side, with no label or price. Really pleased to have spotted them - I think they go for £22 in M&S…?

Also got their annual offering of Canadian Icewine:

Decided to go for the Riesling, rather than the Vidal. Happy days! :+1: