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Lidl whilst stocks last bargain


Apparently it is edible…


I think I had it at l’enclume! They made some sort of jelly out of it!



I don’t know about pineapple weed but his coal oil is to die for!


That’s pretty much what I would expect, though not necessarily in the same way. What on earth does it taste like???


Although not Lidl but a bargain (range) at £6 from Morrisons, the halves of Morrisons branded sherries from Lustau. The Palo Cortado (could not find a link, but looks similar to the PX and costs the same) came highly recommended on jancisrobinson.com, and while at it I also bought the PX with the potted stilton recipe, mentioned here, in mind. Opened the PX for a sneak preview yesterday and I was very pleased how tasty sweet it is.

Weekday Drinking Thread [10 to 13 December 2018]

I am down there tomorrow and will have a look.
Lustau are really working hard at promoting themselves at the moment, their sherries either as own labels or special blends as well as their own labels are in a lot of outlets and they are all good, it really is an example of what tremendous value top sherry is.
Morrisons own Fino at £6 is terrific for the price and is often recommended as the best in its class.


I bought the Oloroso, PC and PX last year. The PX was a bit too sweet for me (preferring my usual sweet wines instead) but the Oloroso and PC are sublime.

I’ve also just bought the £9 version from M&S as well.

I do love a glass of O and a mince Pie (or 6).


I love the M&S Palo Cortado and buy it regularly! Such a complex sherry! :heart_eyes:


I think I’ll go back for the Oloroso…


Oh I would - its a belter.


Morrison’s PX Sherry with decent vanilla ice cream is probably the best food and wine pairing out there. But that’s probably for another thread…


Not Lidl but the M&s chapel down Brut has been reduced to £16. I got the last two bottles in Tolworth.


Just returned home with a half bottle of Canadian Eiswein from Lidl. Made by Pilliteri winery from the Vidal grape, one I had not heard of but see is a hybrid of the Ugni Blanc. It cost £14 (well a penny short) which I thought good value for an eiswein, having seen the price of them in Germany. Has anyone tried this?


I bought a couple of bottles of the Riesling rather than the Vidal and opened one over Xmas. Whilst not a patch on the Willi Schaefer Riesling that I also enjoyed recently it was very drinkable and excellent value for money.

I’d definitely buy it again. I think the riesling eiswein was about £16.


I also got the Riesling one, just before Christmas - but am yet to open it. Both got good reviews in Decanter, if that means anything…



@JayKay Yes, Lidl have been selling the Pillitteri Ice Wine off and on since 2017, price has been going up a bit from £14.99 but it’s still an excellent bargain and no more and probably cheaper than in Ontario

Lidl have had as well as Vidal, Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon icewines - the last being a beautul pink colour.

Although Vidal is a hybrid it is awarded honourary Vinifera status in Ontario hance its qualified to use the VQA logo.

I understand the winters have been mild recently in Ontario so if you like it, grab it while you can. For icewine in Ontario the temperature must be no higher than -8C for 3 consecutive 24 hour periods before picking is allowed.


Popped in to my local Lidl today and bizarrely they’ve got boxes and boxes of bottles of Rheine Spatlese for about a fiver! I imagine it’s probably horrible, but asking here just in case anyone has tried it?


I had this and was very pleasantly surprised. I was hoping they’d reduce the price of the riesling to shift it and then they sold out so I never got hold of a bottle. Had it last year and it was excellent. The Vidal was very good though…wonderfully marmaladey and delicious.

I did get a fleurie and spatburgunder half price in their clearance bin too!

P.s. The cabernet eiswein was THE most disappointing wine ever from Lidl. There Luna cabernet on the other hand is a thing of sheer wonder for the money!


Thanks. Still haven’t tried it yet so will look forward to it. And thanks for warre the Cab Sauvignon.