Lidl whilst stocks last bargain

Check out a Lidl store near you!!!

I popped into my local Lidl store ( Exeter ) to grab some milk and took a quick look at their wines. I noticed they had some Clos du marquis 2003 and Château Boyd Cantenac 2011 As there was no obvious price I ask a member of Staff to check the price for me. She came back to tell me both bottles are £14.99 and only have limited stock,with a huge smile on my face I thanked her and then took 4 bottles each.
worth a quick look in your nearest Lidl


Thanks for the heads-up! Will check ours tomorrow…

They must have heard TWS was coming to town for a tasting and are trying to compete.

Neither in Lidl, North Birmingham.

Nor Yeovil, but it was worth a peek.

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No Bordeaux bargains but plenty of vacant stares as I made enquiries


“Oi! Yeah, you! Where’s my £10 Lafite?!”


None in Welwyn Garden City or Borehamwood

I did learn however that if you go into a Lidl with a suit on, most people look at you distrustfully and those that don’t think you are the manager :slight_smile:


Couple of years back I found a couple of decent mid ranking clarets ( A St Julien 2nd wine and a decent Fronsac) always worth a peek in Lidl, some pearls among the dross

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Indeed! And I think they also got a good ‘nose’ for what is up and coming. I was pleasantly surprised to see them stocking a Chardonnay from the Jura, for example, and they sell some interesting Gewurtzs as well, which is hardly wine for the masses. Always worth a quick visit (and hubby loves their German beer too!) :+1:

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They have put out a few more bottles in the Exeter store, i did try and ask a member of staff if it was just this store but they didn’t really have an answer for me !


And now only £2.99 :wink: Worth a trip to Exeter. Of only my brother, who lives in Exmouth, was t in Greece I’d tell him to get there quick!

They had some Clos Marquis 2007 in Clapham Junction for 14.99, all gone now though :frowning:

Did anyone else manage to find any of these?

No luck in Brighton LIDL… :confused:

No luck in Portmadog

These bargains are never in Colchester. I can’t help checking when I pass, but it’s a waste. The wooden bins for fine wine were half-empty.

Very odd distribution, even widely stocked items like the Ice wine aren’t here.

Best stick to reliable sources of wine.

I took to emailing Lidl about their horrendous selection in my local store! Its literally shocking and vast difference from this time last year. I do believe they select certain wine to go to certain stores… kinda annoys me…waiting for a response from them.


Leah did Lidl ever respond to your email?
My local Lidl have released some more this week, there doesn’t seem to be anything on the website about them being available which I find odd. If they can sell these at £ 14.99 a bottle then I would defo advertise it .


Take a trip to Wincanton, I just cleaned them out of Boyd but plenty of Clos du Marquis left!

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