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LibraryThing - a CellarTracker for books

I’ve been using the time I should have been away on holiday sorting and indexing my wine books.

There’s an online database called LibraryThing where one can do this FOC.

I know I’m not the only one here with a lot of wine books.

Adding a book is as easy as typing in the ISBN - it then pulls in all the info plus a cover photo from Amazon or various libraries around the world. If you have old a weird books without ISBNs they may be found using the author name or title, at worst you can enter them manually.

You can also include eBooks.

You can group books in Collections, so your wine books can be in Wines, and other books in appropriate collections.

You can up & download in spreadsheet and other formats

Anyway, it may be of interest.

My collection can be seen at https://www.librarything.com/catalog/pmwb


I use goodreads.com to survey the carnage of my unfinished books


I, too, am a GoodReads user! You can find me by my searching my name ‘Mike Franklin’; I’m the only one in the Scottish Highlands I think! Should you be interested you can see my book shelves here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/16460451


Sorry, that person’s shelf is private.

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Oh whoops that must be the default state. I knew you could restrict to friends only but didn’t know it automatically defaulted to restricted to GR members! Should now be available to anyone! :smiley:

Thanks Mike

I looked at Goodreads years ago and probably signed up to it but at that time, for whatever reason, I didn’t continue with it.

I notice that many of the covers are from the American version, not the UK - do you have control over which cover you display next to your book?

I’ve entered nearly all my wine books on Library thing now so I’m sticking to that. I don’t think I’ll bother with logging my other books; so many are pre-ISBN, and if I want to read reviews I do so at Amazon.

On GR you don’t need the ISBN, just the book title or author. A lot of modern self published books don’t bother registering an ISBN nowadays and only have their Amazon number (something that annoys me enormously as not everyone reads on a Kindle - I use a Kobo ereader).

One thing worth being aware of is that GR is now owned by Amazon!

If you go to any of the book pages on GR you’ll find that below the details (Publisher etc.) there as a number of alternative editions. So you can usually choose hardback/paper back/ebook/audio and American/UK/ROW etc. Personally I’m not too bothered; so long as title and author are there that’s all I’m usually interested in. The only time I get a little more specific is with a book, eg. Homer’s Iliad, that’s had many translations and you might want to ensure you’ve selected the translation you’ve actually read.

Regarding the reviews, I generally find the GR reviews better than those on Amazon, and you can get to know specific reviewers who get ranked by popularity etc., which gives me rather more confidence in them than the normal Amazon reviewers. Also, like wine critics, you gradually get to know which ones seem to share your own tastes.

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