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Let's talk about "Sekt" baby

Found some (minimal at best, most likely unreliable and alcohol-induced) thoughts on the sekt I’ve tried at The Winery from previous threads

Taste, taste, taste?



What would you say then was the identifying feature of Sekt (without being able to see the label or wine list :laughing:

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I’ve not tasted anywhere near enough to be able to tell you that!

Is it specifically Sekt made from Riesling by VDP classification rules that you are after, @Leah?

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I can’t offer any advice but would love to try a good riesling sekt myself so thanks everyone for the input.

Great thread title by the way @Leah !

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This is a fair point, which is why I have asked for Deutsche Sekt, Deutsche sekt BA and Winzersekt recommendations.
It’s highly unlikely I would be given a “basic sekt” made with grapes from anywhere in the EU but highly likely with the “other” higher grade Sekts.
EG: Deutscher Sekt MUST be made with German grown grapes, can be traditional method or tank method, can be multiple varieties or a single variety .
Deutscher Sekt BA MUST display one of the 13 regions it comes from on the label, can be tank or trafitional.
Winzer Sekt, is Estate grown, estate labelled and bottled, most typically Riesling, but not always and MUST contain grape variety, producer name and region on the bottle.

Now don’t get me started on perlwine :see_no_evil:

100% This !

They don’t specify, however I am going to make an assumption that like me, they will struggle to find poorer quality Sekts so we are far more likely to be given a higher grade.

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I can confirm the Von Buhl (ex Bollinger winemaker until recently) and Peter Lauer Sekts are excellent. In fact, Florien (the current winemaker) Lauer makes brilliant Rieslings full stop. Compared with the prices some of his peers charge in the Saar, they are excellent value too.


Used to buy the Von Buhl from Averys in Bristol but they are out of stock. Really good Riesling Sekt.

Worth looking at the Wine Barn for Solter and Griesel who are really good too.

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Fantastic, I have a couple of the Buhls in my basket so thank you :blush:

You’re welcome, Leah. Averys and Laithwaite’s also have the delicious Von Buhl Spatburgunder in stock. A great alternative to Bourgogne Rouge at a fair price (but no doubt you’ve already placed your Sekt order).

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Used to buy the Von Buhl Spatburgunder regularly from Averys, but have never tried their Sekt.

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