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Lets have some Small Lots


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Date: Monday, May 6, 2019, 11:20:29 AM
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Dear Managing Director. If you are going to expand the, already very large, membership of the Society then you must start expanding the range of wine you have on offer by buying small lots that are sold only on the internet. The present cumbersome large ‘lots’ deprives members of your ability to source interesting wines. Your present list is too general and uniform. Break the present business model PLEASE or I shall have to buy all my wine from my local Lancaster wine merchant who has off piste offerings and also delivers. Lets have weekly offers of small ‘lots’ and get some interest into your wine list offering. And your response is? Peter Vreede


Just in case you don’t realise, this forum is accessible publicly on the net, so your personal email address and share number are both visible to all. May want to edit this?

Wrt your comment though, there are plenty of small lots available through TWS - in fact it’s a common complaint on here that members get to hear aout them too late and they’re all sold out! I’d be curious to see a comparison onf the size of merchants’ ranges - I suspect TWS has one of if not the broadest.


I think the range is fantastic, of course some local merchants can specialise in specific regions but for the depth of each region and range available I think TWS is great. I often see the small lots too late too but that’s my problem…guess I need to buy more wine to get on the mailing lists…managed to create another reason to buy wine whooo hooo!


I’ve missed out on a few small lots too.

I do wonder if there’s a bit less ‘quirky’ / small / interesting lots than a few years ago though, maybe I’m just not seeing them but I know where AlbionLancs is coming from.


Lancashire, presumably?


So lets have more small lots if they sell out.
how do i edit it please?


yes, very Lancaster in Lancashire . England.


Guide here:


@AlbionLancs, I’ve removed you personal information for you :wink::+1:.


Many thanks Leah.


WOW. That was quick!!! See INTRODUCING THE BIN SERIES, Limited-edition wines with a story to tell