Let's get Quizzical! The Wine Society Christmas Quiz 2022

I’ve just spotted that there will be an online Christmas quiz, 7pm on 19th December


Who will be there? What will be the answer to question 6? And most importantly, is there a prize other than the eternal admiration of other Community dwellers?


I missed the notification, but I’ll sign up and give it a go.

Slightly disappointing as most of it had nothing to do with wine. I recommend Tom Cannavan’s instead.


Entertaining - and not too difficult, even for me.

Having said that I only got 65%. But in my defence, the questions about the Bordeaux classed growths and national annual wine production were both worth 5 points each, almost a third of the total available, and you only had to get one answer in the wrong place to lose most or all of them. (Not feeling defensive at all, not me.)


No, I couldn’t do the growths or production either. But I still managed 80 with only a few lucky guesses.


80% for me, too :+1: good fun!

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Average of exactly 33% here (my ships sank and, frankly, if Dickens were on one of them I wouldn’t object), but thoroughly enjoyed with a glass of 2013 Thymiopoulos Rosé! Thanks Catherine and Ewan!


Ah, sorry, thought we were talking about the Wine Society quiz scores there! I was wondering how you all scored so highly on that quiz :joy: 75% was had here on the Cannavan quiz.


I think that’s a very good point!

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Oh dear… 55%… must try harder. :frowning:

I was thrown by the Ferret Rampant question… because my rather poor understanding of French language dragged up ‘Belette’ which is (I think) a Weasel.

Might also have been thrown by some of the other questions. Good Lord it’s almost 5pm Friday. Time to do some wine research.

EDIT !!! of course I failed to read the header so turned up for the wrong exam.

My miserable 55% was for Tom Cannavan’s quiz. For some reason I cannot access TWS quiz.


80% for Cannavan here. Three guesses gone wrong (production, bottle shape and white soil) and one where I was fairly confident but was in fact completely the wrong way round (the chardonnay/pinot question).

We have just enjoyed the TWS quiz in our holiday rental in the Scottish Borders. Good fun for a party of mixed knowledge when it comes to wine so the non-wine rounds were appreciated. We didn’t do very well but happy to report full marks in the alcohol round and a not so grand total of 19.5.


Only 45% for me thought I should have done better never mind the Musar 2003 awaits.

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Nope, I cannot access TWS quiz… brings up “You do not have permission to view this directory or page”

Anyone have a workaround for it?

It’s posted on the Wine Society YouTube channel here: The Society's Christmas Quiz 2022 - YouTube. If that’s what you can’t access not sure what’s going on I’m afraid. Merry Christmas though!


That link works fine - much appreciated.

And I scored 17/30 for TWS quiz. It would appear that I know very little about quite a lot, especially Christmas Telly (bah humbug) There’s always next year :slight_smile:

Many thanks to Ewan and Catherine for making it happen.