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Les Vignes Retrouvées 2015



I was very intrigued to see this recommendation - I’ve never tried this wine. Have you?

(though I notice she has a much older vintage … need to see drinking windows)


Who is she? Related to the late John :slight_smile: ?

Saint Mont is a much underated wine though, and the Plaimont co-op is well thought of. Decent red too IMHO.


No, never, but sounds great - on the wish list!


I didn’t bother with a wish list until I joined the community (sounds a bit cultish!). Now I have one that is getting longer and longer! And just added this to it.


This has been a regular in our List since the 1996 vintage (but we missed out 2011-13).

Our drink dates for the 2007 were 2009 to 2011

Ha! No - she’s an Aussie freelancing in the UK and a wine trade buddy of mine.


I must try this…I have a lot of time for Plaimont’s wines…


An article on Plaimont.