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Leeds Restaurants

A good description - as far as I remember everything is done from scratch, so no deep-freezer goyza. When they run out… there’s no more until the next day. It’s been a while but was cash only last time I was there. Huge bowls of noodles.

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It does indeed… however the first word is FUJI :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please, all, let’s keep this thread going for any good recommendations in Leeds and around? As well as being great for @CRW6 it’s also really good for those of us in West Yorkshire or further who visit Leeds regularly. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Thai restaurant (ok… more of a cafe) which also doubles up as a tiny spa ! set high in the countryside behind Denby Dale - about 45mins south of Leeds. Bring your own wine etc.

There is another Thai in Denby Dale itself which is more ‘generic’ don’t get them mixed up!

Service is charmingly chaotic in a very good way, reservation times can get mixed up & it is usually full of locals ‘in the know’. Excellent and truly Thai, with a short menu & daily specials. Everything is cooked to order & prepped earlier that day, open kitchen and hard chairs for maybe 20 customers?

This is simple food, cooked by a couple of Thai ladies, and exactly as I have eaten whilst working in Phuket. Tom Khai Kai coconut soup is outstanding, Pad krapow moo a sort of dry-fry of minced pork, green beans, thai basil & masses of chilli was scorching and had the ladies behind the counter rather anxious as my face changed to bright red. Great place, worth persisting to get a table.


This sounds great - and, I’d imagine, fairly unique: a cafe and a massage . . . . Must say a Tom Kha Kai is a good way to see how well a kitchen is performing. Thanks for the info. We won’t make it this trip, but it’s certainly on the radar for the next one.

Another recommendation for Tharavadu from me.
Bundobust owners also run https://www.prashad.co.uk/ - just outside of Leeds, a very fine vegetarian Indian restaurant.

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