Leeds Restaurants

Can someone recommend a restaurant in the Leeds area, city centre or out a bit? I’ve not been to the city in 10 years. It’s for a Sunday evening next month and could be modern British or European, or similar. Not a curry please, and if Italian then not predominately pizza. I am going with my parents who are now in their 80’s, so it shouldn’t be too loud either as my father then wouldn’t be able to hear the conversation.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Sous le Nez is always good.
Great food, wine list and cosy.


Not been there myself, but I’ve heard good things about The Owl

Or if you can drag yourself to Shipley, then The Waterfront is amazingly good value

Had Owl takeaway back when we were in full lockdown, finish @t home… blimey that made me appreciate how complex restaurant standard cuisine is.

VERY modern British (checkout the menus) - we were bowled over but I imagine my elderly parents in their late 80’s would be confused by the menu. Not sure Owl is open Sunday.

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Thanks for the ideas, everyone. Alas all three restaurants are closed on Sundays (most Mondays too). We are in the area for something in the day on the Monday, so can’t choose another night. Maybe it’ll need to be Brasserie Blanc or The Ivy . . . any experiences of either, or even both?!

Not in Leeds but good meals in Oxford and Birmingham respectively.

Brasserie Blanc was OK pre-pandemic. The Ivy is in a very nice shopping court but hard up against the less well-heeled part of the city centre, which makes for a mixed vibe if you’re sat by the windows. You could try:

https://www.ambiente-tapas.co.uk/ (centre)
https://salvos.co.uk/dining-experiences/salvos/ (outside the centre)
https://www.shearsyard.com/ (centre)
https://sukhothai.co.uk/ (various locations)
https://www.crafthouse-restaurant.com/ (centre)
https://lambandflagleeds.co.uk/ (centre)

Or have a hunt around this page and see if anything appeals.

Ivy was excellent approx 2 years ago… v handily placed for the rather splendid Victoria quarter too :+1: (but best approached via the Victoria Quarter as Markets area might be on the ‘interesting’ side for your parents…)

Thanks again everyone, much appreciated. Actually, @Martyn, we’ve decided to stay in Headingly, so I’ll see about Salvos. Thanks for your list of ideas.

There’s Heaney and Mill over the road from Salvo’s, I’ve never been, but heard it’s nice.

Recently been to Salvos it was lovely …an institution been there decades

Thanks @Thinbo & @Alabaster_cheeks. Much appreciated. It’ll most likely be Salvo’s . . .

You’ll be pleased with Salvo, I feel sure. It’s my recommendation, anyway; I live about 200 yards away in Far Headingley (note the spelling of Headingley!) so I know it well. Salvo is in the Good Food Guide, but not at all pretentious or overpriced. The Man Behind The Curtain (in the City Centre) is Good Food Guide and Michelin-starred, but rather idiosyncratic and much more expensive than Salvo’s.

San Carlos is very good - San Carlo Leeds | Fresh Italian Food | Award Winning Restaurant
Extensive menu and a decent wine selection by glass, half bottle and full bottles.
Very calm dining in my experience.

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It’s a pity you said ‘not a curry’ because there’s a gem of a restaurant in Leeds called Tharavadu - serving Southern Indian cuisine. This cuisine is quite different from the usual fare in ‘curry’ places and you’d find it quite a joy for the senses, perhaps. It is maybe not quite right for your needs, but I thought I’d mention it for other readers.

I’ve had their equivalent of a thali a few times, and for £20 you get an amazing array of beautifullly prepared dishes. You can pretty much sit there, eyes closed, tasting all the different spices, heats and textures, some beautifully subtle, some distinct, like the pepperiness of some dishes. Much recommended.

Their lunch menu is an absolute steal as well, and also very much recommended - I pretty much do this every time I am in Leeds.



+1 for Tharavadu. there is a great place next door (Bundobust) which is a winning combination of good beer and Mubai street food at very cheap prices.

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Fantastic,Tharavadure is definitely on my ‘visit’ list. I might fabricate an excuse to go there this week!

I’m in Leeds maybe once a month and usually grab lunch at Fuji-Hiro a very austere Japanese on the outside of the Merrion center. Popular with Japanese students for their broths & noodles. Not a tourist restaurant, don’t be put off by the plain decor - the food is extremely good & imagine very genuine.

In the evening Little Tokyo is good - a bit kitsch perhaps attuned to attract theatre goer’s - the bento boxes are great fun and the sushi / sashimi sparkling fresh. Always a queue to get in.


Fuki Hiro sounds amazing! I think I’ll be trying that!

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It’s great, and unexpected given the location etc. A very authentic noodle joint run by an old Japanese couple. Don’t expect fancy stuff, do expect cheap and very cheerful noodles to slurp. Haven’t been since pre-pandemic, so I hope it remains unchanged.

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