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Lebanon wine and war documentary

I see that Ch Musar are giving a plug on their Instagram page to a new documentary about wine in Lebanon: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGSwHBBHPsp/

They say: “All proceeds from the film’s sales will go to CAP HO, a charity providing medical care to children without insurance in Lebanon and to help rebuild the St George Hospital which was devastated in the August 4 Beirut explosion.”

Haven’t watched it yet, but it’s available here:


Thanks for sharing this. A worthy venture. I think I shall watch this with a Ch Musar 2001 besides me.


I’ve now watched it – cost $12, which I was happy to pay by way of small contribution to the cause. There are some beautiful aerial shots, presumably taken by drone, and some interesting/enjoyable vignettes from people connected with Musar, Kefraya, Ksara and so on. There’s plenty of Serge Hochar although, strangely I thought, they chose to open the film with an exchange with him which managed to be both trivial and show him in a slightly less than flattering light. Ronald Hochar, Michel de Bustros, Yves Morard and the Ghosn brothers are also there. I don’t honestly think it’s a very polished or well-edited film and it lacked narrative thread, but it has its moments, it’s well-meaning and I’d still recommend it to anyone interested in Lebanese wine.

Parenthetically, there is one very funny moment: there’s an extremely brief clip of footage from the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war, in which the Israeli defence minister, Amir Peretz, picks up his military-grade binoculars and peers into the distance with the lens caps on. I remember him being heavily mocked in Israel for this at the time but I’d never seen it on film before.