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Leaving order in the basket


I am going away tomorrow . I thought i will put in an order now and i can arrange for it to be delivered on my return. So i order a dozen bottles . When i get to delivery section i find what i am trying to do isnt possible. So i am just leaving my order in the basket until i return. When i return i will select the delivery date and proceed. Theres nothing wrong that is there?


I do it all the time, I often have stuff sitting in my basket for weeks at a time. The only danger is if something in your basket gets sold out whilst you are away. Putting it in your basket doesn’t ‘lock it’ so if it sells out it will have its quantity zeroed in your basket.


You can pre-select the day you would like it to be delivered if you wanted to order it now.


That all depends where you live. I don’t get that option for up here which can be a real nuisance.


I imagine Highlands and the Islands have restricted deliveries unfortunately.


Free nevertheless…


Yes all our deliveries are handed over to another delivery company at, I think, Carlisle making specifying a delivery date much harder. But hey ho, unlike a lot of other stuff I buy online TWS don’t charge extra for the privilege of sending it up here so I’m not really complaining! :smiley: