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Le Montrachet blend from iconic producers


Hi Guys,

Just seen this huge news, sick blend from iconic producers : https://www.decanter.com/wine-news/drc-montrachet-2016-blend-420473/


What an interesting and enterprising thing to do, pooling their resources in this way. I have no idea what kind of price a non blended bottle from Le Montrachet would cost but this does seem a bit steep. Anyway obviously no shortage of buyers for a rarity so good for them.


Fascinating to see the miniscule quantities each producer managed to achieve. 16 bottles to an, as yet, undetermined charity is a nice touch too.


Looks as though this is about in line with the offerings from the individual producers.

2015 DRC Le Montrachet - yours for £7,199 in bond (and I believe the others are similarly priced):


Wow, that is an amazing price for a bottle of wine, cross referencing to another post today


DRC is the most expensive bottle of Le Montrachet… so probably not fair to compare to that. Also it seems it is out of necessity they did this, rather than for extra profit (I mean extra over their already extra…).

DRC produce 3,000 bottles of Le Montrachet (wikipedia) per year, if you compare that to one seventh of 683, easy to see they are not extremely happy about the frost.


Fair - DRC and Leflaive (2015 @£7,953 IB) bring the average up, although between the two of them they did provide almost 50% of the grapes


Yesterday in the auction of Sothebys a couple of bottles of Montrachet from the DRC were sold around 6k-7 depending of the vintage, so nothing to surprising. I have watched this video, very interesting to understand why this plots of vines is home of the most expensive white in the world I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XAoiJQAUxE&t=4s


Sadly, these 670-odd bottles will become museum wines.


Of course these bottles will be subject to speculation and only a small quantity will be enjoy as it should be I think