Latest “How To …” article - editing your posts

The latest #howtoguides is special in more ways that one.

Click below to learn how to Edit a Comment (Post, or Reply)

First, it reminds us of the many benefits of this community over other media. By being able to properly comment and quote, we can make sure we are communicating clearly. However, being able to EDIT that comment after the fact, means that even if we make a mistkate mistake, we are able to go back and correct it.

(for the auditors amongst us, those edit are also tracked, and you can see a record of them)

Member contribution

However, this is also a new milestone for the community, because this article was not written by the admin team, but contributed by @szaki1974. I want to publicly thank him for his effort to test, improve and build this site.

If you too have an issue you need help with, feel free to ask … but if you happen to solve it and want to help others do the same, please feel free to send us your contributions too.

The full list of available, and soon-to-be-written How To Guides can be found in the How To … Category

Guilty as charged…