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Last wine

Having given this due thought I’d rather pestilence, famine or war didn’t come a-knockin’. Death calling is inevitable though, so, would you kindly text me four hours before arrival so I can open this ( no need to bring a bottle )…

…,and I’ll crack open a bottle of the 2012 to go with it. Should you fancy a game of chess I’m more then happy to play and, no doubt, lose.


How about the latest vintage of Latour, but drink it when it’s mature!!


I would second this! Drank 1998 for 40th birthday, recently 2004 for 50th. Nectar!!

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Thanks to everyone. I havn’t done the numbers, seems like Whites instead of Red, pricey is the way to go ! Just as well ‘War’ has deep pockets.

Actually I wasnt looking for your final wine before falling off the perch - more the glass of wine with which you would face the Apocalypse with equanimity. But who is going to discuss semantics at such a time.

Playing chess against the 4 riders of the Apocalypse is admirable! that’s the spirit.


I wouldnt want to drink any wine. When facing death I would wamt to be as awake as possible to see what happens. If i am to meet Christ He can supply the wine. Afterall he turned water into wine. It might do me more good if I gave the money i saved on the wine to the Poor.


Well - Pestilence did strike. When I started this thread back on Feb 13th, it was fairly obvious that China was covering up ref CV19 and it was also spreading internationally. Perhaps it was on my mind because growing up in the 1970’s the TV series ‘The Survivors’ had etched into my memory.

So… has anyone changed their minds regarding a special bottle (might need a few) to share with the 4 Riders of the apocalypse?

I’m assuming there wouldn’t be time to have anything delivered (from TWS, or anywhere else for that matter), so would have to go with something already in the armoury. Agree with earlier comment that champagne is the only way to go, either a 2003 Dom Perignon or an Egly-Ouriet BdN…


“the only way to go” indeed ! seems like Champagne wins the (last) day

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