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Last wine


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming to tea, and conveniently dropping in at TWS showroom to pick up a bottle or two.

What would be your last bottle of wine, before Pestilence strikes? money no object, must be on TWS list, and most importantly something you know from experience will be decent (you dont want to get a bottle of 1961 DRC and find out it’s corked).


Great question.

I think this would see me out in appropriate style. I might be a bit preoccupied for anything too complex, and this would give good bang for buck as a last bottle…


money no object, must be on TWS list

Yeah you wouldn’t want it supplied by Rudy Kurniawan either (sorry watched Sour Grapes last night).

Good question needs a think!


No shaky hands while pouring!


It’ll have to be Alsace, and it’ll have to be a Gewurz. This one would do nicely for the final journey:


Do I get 2 half bottles?

I love Madeira, had my honeymoon there and is from my birth year so seems fitting.

Would also like to try something even older, of a style unknown to me.


It is this (from the current list)…

It is just about drinking now… Decent vintage (IMHO)… Chambolle… Barthod…

Was contemplating this, too, but the red edged it out as it is red… Just had the 2002 at Christmas and oh yes…


Having to have tried the wine before eliminates most of the top end of TWS list for me Haven’t browsed that high up before.

This I think would make the transaction with Pestilence almost zero-sum https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?section=pd&pl=VVR001&pd=SP11584&pc=&prl=STD&cc=VVR


Can it be different vintage of a wine you have had before? If so, probably this:


I would have Foie Gras and ask them to bring this with them.

Small glass with the starter and then finish the rest with pudding. I would die a happy man!!


pretty much my answer !


By all means have 2 bottles ! as long as you have previously tasted them - alternative vintages are allowed, the 4 riders are quite flexible.

Personally… TWS Brut Champagne would be my choice and would certainly cheer up the moment. I’m sure there are better fizzes on the list at TWS but I havn’t tried them ( ditto the Yquem)


This is something special and whilst it is out of my normal price, I did taste this delicious sweet wine at the Autumn Press Tasting:

I could sip this with a soft blue cheese and/or a delicious sweet dessert such as a creme brulee - both of which would probably do for my heart!


Ok, scratch the Vouvray as not tried it or any other vintage then. Would just go 2 bottles of Madeira


Definitely agree that champagne is the way to go. And have always fancied trying this:


Experience of a previous vintage, huh?

If that skinny-looking chap on the pale horse gives me long enough to let it open up in the glass, I’ll plump for this:


If I get a last meal with it, would be a toss up between:


On it’s own:


This would be something memorable to sign off with.



Not sure about this one if you don’t want to tempt fate with your last wine, “Hölle” ?