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Last visit red line


A red line with in the middle the words "last visit " It doesnt move it remains under Ridge Zinandel 2017. I have experimented by looking at other items and then going out. When i come back its still in the same place. So it clearly bears no relationship to what i was looking at on my last visit. Whats the point of it?


It is rather hit and miss as far as I can tell.


Doesn’t it indicate new posts/replies since your last visit?


It maybe since you last logged in


I am logged in but its not showing this time anywhere.


It won’t be showing it if you have already seen it and reviewed anything without logging out (or maybe allowed your session to time-out). Rather, if there are new posts, you should see a pale blue horizontal bar across the top of the list of topics showing you there are new posts - you can click on this to see what these new posts are. (I think).


I’m pretty sure it’s after the last log in having been logged out this afternoon, logged back in just now and found the red line showing what I had not read.
Anyhow, having a last slurp before bedtime of this

Because there wasn’t much left and it seemed the right thing to do, and then a thimble of this because there was plenty left and it was also the right thing to do.


I don’t think it’s quite down to being logged out and back in. I stay permanently logged in, but the last visit line is always the point at which I ended the previous session. So close your browser and everything above the line when you next open and navigate to the forum will have had new posts since that session was closed.

Always seems to work correctly for me.


That was interesting as I had never seen that line before. I found it some 50 posts down from the top and most of those 50 I had at least read if not replied to.
I assume mine stays in the same place as your red line does even though I log out every session.


When you “go out”, do you actually close your browser window?

On smart phones the natural thing to do is to leave your browser running in the background, in which case you are still in the middle of one long visit. Similarly, on proper computers it is possible to confuse a minimised window with a closed one.


As luck would have it the red line has appeared today in what appears to be the correct position and it is on the first page so I can see it.

I didn’t do anything different last time to my normal procedure, log out as soon as I have finished, close the browser tab and I exit the browser every evening before shutting down the PC.
I use Firefox on Windows 10.